How to Delete eBay Account in Online or App


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Delete eBay account is a significant step that requires careful consideration, as it involves severing ties with a platform that has facilitated countless transactions and interactions.

Whether you’re a long-time eBay user seeking a fresh start or a casual buyer looking to step away, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to confidently navigate the process of deleting your eBay account.

So in this guide we will help you understand the steps required to delete eBay Account easily without much worries.

Why Users Delete eBay Account

Below are some of the main reasons why some users want to delete their eBay account and you might be one of them with one of their reasons too.

  • No longer using eBay or prefer other online marketplaces.
  • Concerns about personal information, data security, or privacy policies.
  • Dissatisfaction with policies, fees, customer service, or dispute resolution.
  • Security concerns, negative experiences, or no longer interested in buying/selling on eBay
How to Delete eBay Account

How to Delete eBay Account

If you have an eBay account then you should know you can delete it from either the online browser using your account or else right from the eBay App. And below are the exclusive guides on how you can delete eBay accounts from their respective platforms.

How to Delete an eBay Account From Online Browser

  1. Open eBay website, then login to your account with your username and password
  2. In most cases, the top right corner of the website will contain the Account tab or your login. Click on that.
  3. Go to the dropdown menu and choose Account settings or a comparable item.
  4. Scroll down to the Close your account option on the Account Settings page.
  5. The Close your account link should be clicked.
  6. eBay will provide you with information on how to close your account and the effects of doing so.
  7. Click the Request to close your account button or a comparable option if you still want to go forward.
  8. For security reasons, eBay may ask you to authenticate your identity or provide more information. When prompted, respond accordingly and give the requested information.
  9. On the confirmation page, review the specifics and explanations for canceling your account.
  10. Click the Close account or Confirm closure button if you’re certain that you want to terminate your eBay account

eBay Delete Account on App

  1. Open the eBay app on your device.
  2. Sign in to your eBay account.
  3. Tap on the My eBay tab at the bottom.
  4. Scroll down and select Settings.
  5. Choose Account settings.
  6. Look for Close my account or Close account.
  7. Read the information provided about the account closure process.
  8. Tap on Request to close my account or a similar option.
  9. Provide any additional information or confirm your identity if prompted.
  10. Review the details and reasons for closing your account.
  11. Tap on Close account or Confirm closure.

How to delete my eBay account on iPhone or Android?

To delete your eBay account on your phone, open the eBay app, go to Settings, select Account, and choose Close my account.

Delete eBay account on iPhone

To delete your eBay account on iPhone, open the eBay app, go to Settings, tap on your account name, scroll down, and select Close my account.

Can I close my eBay account if I owe money

Yes, you can close your eBay account even if you owe money.

Close eBay account to avoid refund

Closing your eBay account does not prevent refunds; unresolved issues may still be addressed.

Can I delete my eBay account and start over?

Yes, you can delete your eBay account and start over.

How to close eBay seller account

To close your eBay seller account, go to Account in Seller Hub, select Close account, and follow the instructions.

Why can’t I close my eBay account?

There could be various reasons why you are unable to close your eBay account, such as unresolved issues or active listings.

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