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Updated on: is an IP address and is a default Internet Protocol for any router that allows one to configure WiFi modem. Router Setting and LAN setting can be done on smartphones rather than PC or Laptop using this IP.

There are many advantages of IP as it allows you to change password or any configurations from smartphone itself. There is numerous IP address which routers do have respective to their model name.

So basically, many routers brands might have the same default IP address which is called as Internet Protocol which will identify the computer and check if there is a connection between the brand router and devise.

If there exists a connection, then a Web admin configuration page will appear where we can make the router settings which include Wireless, WAN, LAN and more settings.

List of brands that have the default IP address as are listed below

  • Asus Router
  • Linksys Router
  • Net Gear Router
  • Tenda Router
  • Zyxel Router

From the above-mentioned brands, we will be proceeding with the Net Gear router settings and configuration below. So, as to make sure you have an idea on how the further configuration will take place. IP Router IP Router

Default Username and Password – Username and Password for Login

As we already told, we will be focusing on the Net Gear router configuration right now and in order for you to access the current Internet Protocol version i.e., IP you will have to have the Username and Password associated with the brand.

You will be able to find these details on the packaging of the router box where you can view username and password. But for Net Gear there are only two versions which we have mentioned below for further assistance.

New Net Gear Router UsernameNew Net Gear Router Password
Old Net Gear Router UsernameOld Net Gear Router Password
Admin1234 Login Page

In this vast list of IP address, we have this IP address which allows you to access the homepage of router through which device is connected.

The Wi-Fi connection which smartphone is using, will take this IP as default one and get into its home page.

In the world of growing internet there seems to have one price of networking, as many actually connect using IP address that is one default one.

  • If you have made the hardware connection, then open a browser from your laptop or computer
  • Then go to the IP address and then one popup will appear which will ask for Login details
  • In this popup you will enter the username and password for Net Gear basing on the old or new router model
  • Then enter the email address which you have used while registering for the Net Gear product, once done click on the enter button
  • Now you are successfully logged into the Net Gear IP address!

How to Troubleshoot IP Address for DNS Issues

As we know that every router, website and computer have their own Internet protocol address. This IP uniquely identify the network or the internet to connect to PC through LAN.

The IP is an open network and there are quite a set of other IP address which are used by corporate for unique purpose.

Few devices who doesn’t want everyone to access their profile will not be able to access through default IP address. On the same side IP address ending with 0.0 will point towards group of computers.

If your router isn’t asking password when connecting through any IP address, then you should check your security setting and make it secure.

  • Default IP will detect the WI-FI router gateway with its unique mechanism technique
  • Can use default username and password to login to router homepage
  • Importantly IP will let you point setting page without taking much time
  • Password protected router IP will need proper credentials to login though default IP address
  • Using the default IP address will help you in emergency and will assure you of exact configuration.

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