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Avail services of HRMS Odisha, detailed process for How to register, How to login HRMS Odisha and avail hrmsorissa.gov.in followed by some FAQs…

HRMS Odisha is an official website for the government employees of Odisha state which is governed by the state government. This Human Resource Management System is designed to get the pay slips, recruitment process, employee details and much more services that are designed for the employees.

The portal of HRMS Odisha has made a major impact in the development of government services by producing most services to the employees in their handsets. The salary disbursement is also processed through the HRMS Odisha portal and it will also help the government to know how much they have spent for the salaries. Even the retrieved employees who seek pension schemes and other services can get their details updated from these sites.

HRMS Odisha for Employee Login
HRMS Odisha for Employee Login

HRMS Odisha

The state government of Odisha has created their portal to ensure that the employees are provided the services whenever they require. Here are some services which can be viewed through the portal.

  • All government related employee services will be given through the HRMS Odisha.
  • Retired employee can check their eligibility for any service in portal
  • The pension employee can get updates on their pension scheme form their credentials
  • Employees can download the pay slip and check their details payment sheet
  • Leave balance along with the government holidays will be listed in the portal
  • It ensures that every employee has access to the services provided
  • Disbursement of salary will be done through the HRMS Odisha portal
  • Any grievance for the employment or salary can be directly raised form portal
  • PF and form 16 or such records with auto updates facility is also provided
  • Income tax returns and taxation process will be updated through HRMS Odisha
  • Recruitment for new employee will be processed through the portal

HRMS Odisha Registration

If you’re an employee of the state government of Odisha, then it is mandatory to get yourself registered with the HRMS Odisha and get your updates with your unique credentials provided.

  1. Go to your accounts department

    Visit your accounts department in your department head office

  2. Avail new registration form

    Get known about your DDO office and get the new registration form

  3. Complete Form with your details and enter mobile number

    Fill the form with your details as per employment records and Make sure to provide an active mobile number to link with account

  4. Submit Form to DDO office

    Submit this to DO office and wait for your account to be registered

  5. DDO will allocate username after details submission

    Once details are submitted, DDO office will allocate your username

That’s it, a song with username the password for the HRMS Odisha portal will be shared with you and will be provided to you to access the services provided through HRMS Odisha.

HRMS Odisha Login

As an employer you can go to the HRMS login portal any number of times, if you are authorized and as well got the credentials for your access to the portal. Follow these steps and get to access the HRMS Odisha with your employee details.

  1. Visit the HRMS portal of Odisha form your browser in your system
  2. Or else use the link as hrmsorissa.gov.in in your URL bar
  3. Now click on Login button and then click on Personal Login Tab
  4. Next for new wait page to load and then click on HRMS login page
  5. Enter your username along with the password as registered
  6. Enter the security code and then click on login button
  7. Wait for the system to load and verify your credentials provided

That’s it, Once the details are provided, the HRMS Odisha page for the respective employees will be loaded and you can view the details as per your choice. The same portal can be used to access services provided to employees through HRMS Odisha.

  1. How to know the DDO office of my department?

    To get registered or to change any details form the HRMS Odisha employ page, it is must to have any contact with the DDO office. Thus you need to visit your accounts department and know DDO office name alcoates to your department working. Thus you can reach these officers for your account registration or any other changes to be made.

  2. Can I get last year’s Pay Slip from the HRMS Odisha?

    Yes, absolutely you can get the pay slip for your employee records using your unique credentials. Employees can download or view their pay slip form the HRMS Odisha portal with their credentials any number of times. The pay slip will be saved and can be anytime used for your reference.

  3. Can I use the HRMS Odisha Pay Slip for applying for a Loan?

    The pay slip provided by the HRMS Odisha for an employee is a proof of their earning from their job in the state government of Odisha. They can get these payslips printed and then they need to get a department stamp form their account office to make it validate. Thus only with these steps the pay slip will be eligible to apply any loan.

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