How to Fix Walmart MasterCard Login Not Working with Online Portal and Mobile App


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If stuck on the Login page of the Walmart MasterCard online portal, don’t be tense and just follow our article to fix the login problem.

There are many reasons for login issues as you are trying to access it online. Nowadays majority of users prefers to use online banking services as it is very easy and can access from anywhere and at any time.

NameWalmart MasterCard
Official Websitewalmart.ca/cp/shop/walmart-rewards-mastercard/
Login Portalwalmart.ca/sign-in
Toll free number18883316133

As the requirement is high online, some hackers may take advantage of it by hacking your personal details and banking details too. So be aware of the risks and learn how to fix the login issue of Walmart MasterCard using official online portal, Mobile app and followed by Customer Care Support.

How to Fix Walmart Mastercard Login
How to Fix Walmart Mastercard Login

How to Fix Walmart MasterCard Login Issue

Now if you are trying to fix Walmart mastercard login error through the online signin portal of Walmart MasterCard, then there may be trouble with the website that is accessing itself or may be an issue in your web browser. So check each method one by one and fix it.

Verify that the Website is legal or not

As browsing is done heavily throughout the world to access anything from online. Some hackers create cloning websites of Banking sites that look similar and there may be a chance of misguiding us.

If you enter the login details and try to log in, that site never signs you in as it was fake and also your login details are in their hands. So be careful with the bank’s official website and check it before accessing it.

Also it is preferable to visit the official home page of online banking and select the login option from there

Check the Service Status of the Walmart.com website

Sometimes, it is possible that the problem arises from the Bank’s end. As a majority of users use online banking, there is a chance of high traffic at a time on the website. Also a chance of technical issues arising at the bank’s server.

So if your login page Walmart not working, it’s better to check the service status of the website. Generally, to check this search for service status with your bank name. For example, simply search for “Walmart.com Service Status” on a web browser.

Most of the users prefer some of the top legal sites to check for service status like “is it downright” or “DownDetector” or simply use this links downdetector.com/status/wal-mart/ or isitdownrightnow.com/walmart.

Enter Correct Login Credentials

Providing the wrong Username or Password may lead to log in error and you can’t get access for mobile banking. Also remember that passwords are case sensitive and enter them accordingly.

If you enter the wrong password repeatedly so many times, there may be a chance of locking you by the bank’s system to log in. In that case, reset your password and login again.

How to Reset Password of Walmart MasterCard

  1. Open the login portal of Walmart MasterCard using link walmart.ca/sign-in
  2. Click on Forgot Password link
  3. Provide Email Address and tap on Continue
  4. You will receive an email with a login link
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password

Disable VPN

If you enabled a VPN and tried to log in for Walmart MasterCard, then immediately turn it off. VPN hides your personal information and location at the time of browsing. But mostly bank’s website wants to know your location and information.

So there is a chance of giving red flag for you if you use a VPN while accessing it. Simply disable it and check for the problem is fixed or not.

Update your Web Browser

An outdated Web Browser can cause an issue in login to the online banking portal of Walmart because of any minor bugs. By updating the browser, will provide a good browsing experience and fixes all bugs and develop security feature.

Generally, web browsers update automatically, but in case of failure, simply search for the latest version on the browser. Download the application and install it on your PC by following the on-screen instructions.

Remove or turn off Web Browser Extensions

Not all but some of the extensions mainly like Adblocker or Password manager extensions may create interrupt at login page. bank not allow this type of extensions to use on their site for security reasons.

Simply go to extensions on your browser and turn it off or remove it. This may solve your login not working problem.

Use recognized Browser

Try to use top-recognized browsers for accessing Walmart MasterCard online portal as it comes with best security features and good cookies. As we all know, using Microsoft edge, Google Chrome and Firefox is suggestable.

Try Private Tabs of Web Browser

Using private tabs of your web browser is preferable as it doesn’t store your browsing history and not use cookies. Also using private tabs provides good interface and this may make your work easier when you are mainly accessing banking sites such as Walmart MasterCard.

If your using Google Chrome, press “Ctrl+Shift+n” for incognito tab and “Ctrl+Shift+p” for private window in Firefox.

Till now, we discussed different methods for fixing login not working errors, if we are signing through the official online Portal. But Walmart also provides a Mobile app for accessing banking services easily.

If you still facing login issues on Mobile apps too, then follow the simple steps that may solve your problem.

How to Fix Walmart MasterCard Login Error through Android / iPhone

  • Try to enter correct login credentials at the login page of mobile app. If you entered wrong username or password, try to reset it
  • Use active Internet Connection: Sometimes due to weak internet connectivity, app doesn’t runs properly and you stuck on the login page. So use active internet or try to turn on and off airplane mode to fix the issue.
  • Update Walmart mobile App: As sometimes out dated app not supports any feature on it. Simply update app through App store or Play store to fix minor bugs.
  • Clear all Cache and Data of the App: Open your phone’s settings and click on applications. Select Walmart app and tap on storage. Click on Clear all Cache and Clear all data options present bottom of the screen. This may solve login issue of Walmart app.
  • Use different web browser: If you are not using App or facing issue of login error at particular web browser, simply switch to other browser. try to login through that by providing correct login details.

After trying all the methods, if you still facing the trouble of login not working for Walmart MasterCard. Contact to Customer Care support as per your priority. They will assign a agent and you need to follow their instructions to fix the issue.

Customer Care Support to Fix Walmart MasterCard Login Error

You can contact the customer care support of Walmart in different ways based on the urgency of the problem. Let’s have a look on customer care details to fix the issue.

Toll-Free Number Complaint Category
18889256218 (from Canada and US)
16477882929 (from outside of Canada and the US)
Account inquiries
18883316133General Inquiries
18889256218Fraud related complaints
18889256218 (from Canada and US)
16477882929 (from outside of Canada and US)
For lost or Stolen Card

You can also Mail them to the following Address :

Walmart Rewards Mastercard
P.O. Box 187 Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z6

Be ready with the following details before contacting Customer Support for better results :

  • Personal details like Full name, mobile number and mailing address as per your account
  • Complaint Category and proof for complaining
  • Date that you previously contacted Customer care for solving your issue
  • Contact number for informing you about the complaint.

What is the timings to contact Customer Care support of Walmart for general inquiries?

If you are trying to contact customer care support for any general inquiries, simply call on 18883316133. But you need to call from 8AM to 10PM on working days including Saturday. Also, you can contact on Sunday from 10AM to 9PM.

Is there any expiry for my Password of Walmart MasterCard online account?

No, there are no expiry periods for the password of your Walmart online account. But it is suggestible to change your password frequently for better security.

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