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Make IceGate payment with full of awareness, get detailed information of ICEGATE Payment, know how to do Payment from old website and also with new website also through offline…

The Indian customs and central Excise Electronic commerce/ Electronic Data Interchange Gateway is designed to help traders to fill their Bills and make custom duty payments for their Goods.

This website, fully used by the Traders, Cargo Service Providers, and other clients of Customs departments. ICEGATE does provide services to all trading partners and as well bring an detailed information form licensing bodies, regulatory along with having creating communication and documentation.

The implementation of ICEGATE has brought up many goods points in trading with bringing regular status of shipment to the trader and making them prepare all Goods required documentation online to submit to customs.

IceGate Payment at Online Portal
IceGate Payment at Online Portal

What is ICE GATE Payment

ICEGATE is a one stop for the traders who usually get in contact with Customs officials for their Goods shipment. As per the regulation, the raiders will ask to pay the import duty and export duty at both the country ports, which then allow their vehicles to pass for movement.

Along with payment there are numerous guidelines that need to follow and the ICEGATE website does allow raiders to track the shipment, submit documents online and many more other things.

The trading partner can use this ICEGATE website during business hours and paying challans issued on their goods form their intent banking website. This reduces their stress and as well regular work to walk to customs office and make payment offline.

The challans registered by the traders upon registration of their goods with the customs. Once it has verified, an challan amount will issue referring to your IEC code. Timely paying the challans will only allow your goods free for shipment.

ServiceIndian Customs National Trade Portal
IceGate Helpline180030101000
Email IDicegatehelpdesk@icegate.gov.in
Official Portalicegate.gov.in

Customers who do have an account in State Bank of India and Indian Overseas Bank can use the newly launched ICEGATE Payment portal to make their payment.


Detail step by step process to complete payment of ICEGATE from new website, follow below steps carefully.

  1. Visit official site of Icegate ePayment

    Go to the official website icegate.gov.in of ICEGATE ePayment from your browser

  2. Click on Services and ePayment > Select document type also fill IEC Code

    Tap on ePayment and wait for New Gateway to load and choose your document Type along with enter IEC code

  3. Choose location and enter Captcha code

    Select location and then enter the Captcha code shown in box

  4. Tap on submit and then on unpaid challan

    Click on submit button and wait for your details to be verified and in the IEC page, click on Unpaid Challan and view all in one list

  5. Select challans and Click on proceed

    Choose the Challans with checkbox and click on proceed for payment

  6. Tap on confirm after verifying amount

    Click on confirm button by verifying the payment amount to ICEGATE

  7. Select SBI or IOB

    You will moved to Bank Page, select SBI or Indian Overseas Bank from here

  8. You will receive the message of payment status

    That’s it, On successful deduction of money from your account, you will get the respective traction failure or success message on your screen.

ICE GATE Payment from Old Website

This is an opt of confusion for everyone with the ICEGATE new and old website. Thus the customer who has an account is another bank than SBI and Indian overseas banks. They use below process to pay their challan.

  1. Visit the IceGate website from your browser to load
  2. Use link cbicpay.icegate.gov.in/iceepay in your browser URL bar
  3. Select your Duty Type and then document type form drop down
  4. Choose Location and enter our identification number provided by IEC
  5. Click on submit button after entering Captcha code shown in box
  6. Select your pending challans and click on Pay button
  7. Move to Bank payment page and proceed for payment with your credentials
  8. That’s it! Upon successful confirmation of the transaction, you will get a transaction success message. It lets you know that your ICEGATE challan has paid.

ICEGATE Payment Offline

  1. The very usual methods of traders to make their payment for challans is an offline process. The ICEGATE does also have their service centres at the customs office. They allow them to pay their Taxes on Goods through an offline process. Just visit your custom office with your Goods documents and coat the payment center.
  2. Upon verification of your details, the executive will check pending challan which has to pay in online or offline. Once verified, you can make the payment offline and the executive will process it through their online credentials.
  3. This seems more secure, but it can only opted when you have ample of time. You can easily visit the customs office.
  1. Can I ask for a refund from ICEGATE Payment?

    Yes, if you have paid any wrong amount or your challan issued wrongly,then traders can raise an online requirement with the e-receipt for the refund of the paid amount. Customs office will verify your query and on verification, they will process your refund within the limited time stated.

  2. What is necessary to notice during ICEGATE Payment?

    Once You have made the ICEGATE Payment for your Challans, then you must await until your bank payment gateway page has been fully back to the original page. If you interrupt the payment page to redirect, then your payment may stuck, and it won't be successful.

  3. Why was I not redirect to the ICEGATE page after payment?

    In case there is a network issue, you will not redirected to the original ICEGATE payment page. You must check if the payment deducted from your account and as well the e-receipt is available in your ICEGATE portal after 5 minutes of your successful transaction.

  4. What should we do if the amount not deducted during ICEGATE Payment?

    In such a case, you need to move to a failed transaction and click on the verify button to check the transaction details. If the amount not deducted, then your challan reverted to the Unpaid challan page. Here you can again select the challan form unpaid page and get process through your regular payment method.

  5. Is there a deadline for ICEGATE Payment of Challan?

    Yes, once you have registered your Bill of Shipping at the customs officials. The respective challan for the goods updated in the ICEGATE portal. Customers need to check these and make the payment as early as possible to give a green signal for your goods, else delay in payment might bring complications in your shipment.

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