How to Use V Wash Step by Step & How Many Times


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Do you know, how to use V Wash, then try to check here with additional info like for what purpose and how many times…

V Wash is designed specially and made to help maintain hygiene for Women and their personal intimate needs. It helps maintain your pH balance of the intimate area by providing better hygiene and helps to reduce itchiness, dryness and foul smell or odor from vagina.

In order to help improve your life and live a hygiene oriented day, using V Wash a day is suggested but it depends on how it affects your pH balance of the intimate area and how many times a day or week it should be used as well.

Through this guide we will help you understand the process of using V Wash and teach the steps on how to use V Wash correctly to help improve your health and lead a healthy lifestyle.

V Wash
V Wash

How to Use V Wash

Let us help you get familiar with the process of using V Wash in your daily life and improving health through better hygiene.

V Wash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash: Ensure that you have picked up the correct V Wash brand which has the name as given above. It is important because other brands have different effects on your intimate area with below info about how to use v wash step by step

  1. Pour out either a coin sized amount of V Wash or else Pour out half a cap of V Wash on your intimate area
  2. Once poured, gently massage with it
  3. Once massaged with V Wash, then pour some water and gently rinse the intimate area to feel smoothing and soothing feel to provide hydrated and better skin

This is how you can simply use V Wash in your daily life to better the feeling of your intimate area.

For what purpose V Wash is used?

V Wash is used to prevent infections and also to maintain pH balance. It also helps to reduce itchiness, odor of foul smell and dryness as well.

How many times do you use V Wash in a day?

V Wash can be used once a day to maintain regular pH balance and using more than twice is not recommended as well.

Can we use V Wash for white discharge?

V Wash can be used for White Discharge as well and it prevents foul smell or odor.

Can we use V Wash internally?

V Wash cannot be used internally unless your doctor has prescribed you to do so.

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