Why is My Xbox One Controller Flashing and Not Connecting


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Xbox is commonly known as a gaming device, and It is designed to work for long, but sometimes, it happens that it doesn’t work well with some devices, and many of us having a doubt why is my Xbox one controller flashing and not connecting. So, just check the possible reasons and how to fix.

You will observe that it constantly blinks and flashes light while playing, and there are various common reasons for the blinking of the Xbox controller. Some of them are

  • It might be because of low battery power.
  • Check the battery and charge them or replace them if they are dead.
  • There are loose connections.
  • It frequently malfunctions due to loose collections. The best way is to sync it constantly with the console.
  • Cable interference also causes problems.
  • Sometimes the console overheats due to which the controller breaks. It is better to check for cable interference.
  • Latest firmware is not installed.
  • Upgrade it to the latest version and Keep it updated properly.
Why is My Xbox One Controller Flashing and Not Connecting

Why is My Xbox One Controller Flashing and Not Connecting

Some of the common reasons for Xbox not connecting to a PC are numerous and networkslog will deliberate the common following reasons

  • Xbox controller didn’t identify the device.
  • Technical glitch in the Xbox controller or PC.
  • Battery not supporting the device.
  • Non-adaptive Xbox controller support.
  • No in-built Bluetooth device in the Xbox controller.
  • Bluetooth inside the devices not supporting each other.
  • Controller not charged.

How to Fix Xbox Controller Blinking or Flashing

If Xbox is not connecting to the PC then you can do the following for fix Xbox controller blinking error

  • Check the controller of Xbox – Old models of the Xbox were not having an adaptive Bluetooth system for several modern devices. Sometimes, the Xbox controller uses an external battery dongle without which it is not going to connect to the PC. So, it is better to check the Xbox controller and check its type.
  • Turn Bluetooth ON and OFF – Sometimes technical glitch interferes with the working of the Bluetooth. It is better to turn the Bluetooth ON and OFF, to stop it from malfunctioning.
  • Change the simple Bluetooth to an adaptive Bluetooth controller – The Bluetooth in every laptop varies. Different companies provide different types of Bluetooth. Sometimes this variation causes disturbance in the connection between the computer and the Controller. In such cases, use a third–party Bluetooth adapter.
  • Do not let other connections interfere with Bluetooth – The connection between the Xbox controller and the PC is made with Bluetooth and this is one of the excellent ways of connecting. But, sometimes the other wireless connections, interferes with the established Bluetooth connection. So, it is better to turn off other wireless connections (if any) near the Xbox device or take the device away from other connections.
  • Frequently check the battery – The battery also causes frequent disruption. It is better to check the batteries. Check the type of battery also. If an AA battery is required, use a new set of the same.
  • Connect with other devices – When the Xbox controller does not connect with the PC, you can try an option of connecting it with other devices like a Smartphone or TV, Xbox consoler, etc.
  • Take the advice of the technician –When all of the above-discussed methods won’t work, it is better to call a technician to do a primary checkup of the Xbox and its controller.


What to do when my controller won’t power on

In such a case, check your batteries. Use a USB cable and connect the controller to the console. Now, update the controller.

What to do if the controller keeps disconnecting

It might be because of various reasons. But before going in deep first check your batteries and then the power cycle controller. With a USB cable connect your controller to the console and update it.

What to do if some of the buttons on my controller don’t work

It is better to update the controller and check the controller’s button mapping settings.

Why is my Xbox controller blinking

If in its normal setting, Xbox controller blinking, check the headset or microphone. It is better to unplug it and then connect it again. Restarting the console might work better in this case.

My Xbox controller blinks and then turns off, Why

It might be a power issue. Unplug the Xbox after turning it off. Wait for some time and then plug it back. Connecting directly to the outlet might prove very helpful in this case.

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