Google Chrome Remote Desktop Setup and Access with Extension

Remote access to our computers and data is becoming more important than ever in our globally networked environment. Having a solid remote desktop solution like chrome remote desktop is essential for working from a distant location, accessing files while on the go, and offering tech support to friends and family. Google Remote Desktop can be

How to Reset Roku if Device or Roku Remote Not Working

What is Roku and Remote Roku is a brand that makes streaming devices and accessories for television. The Roku device is also known as Roku streaming player, it is a small set-top box that connects to your TV and enables you to stream digital content over the internet. Roku devices provide access to Netflix, Hulu,

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop for 3 Types

HP laptops comes with built-in tools or software, that provide additional screenshot functions, and Here you may see how to take screenshot on HP laptop using the built-in tools or keyboard shortcuts or snip & sketch modes. How to Screenshot on HP with Keyboard Shortcuts To take screenshots using keyboard shortcuts on a laptop or

Take Me Home of Google to Navigate Me Home

Finding your way home has never been simpler with the Take Me Home feature by Google. You may use Google Maps to find your way easily and fast by following the above-described simple steps. This feature guarantees that you can rely on precise directions and real-time traffic updates to get where you’re going with ease,

LMS Meaning for Different Cases and How it is Used

LMS stands for many meanings in many cases in our daily use, So through this article, we will discuss What is LMS meaning and How it is used in Text, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn and more. LMS Meaning Text In our daily life, lot of people go through chatting and texting each other.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC and How to Use

PS4 controller is a well known PlayStation version and popularly known as DualShock 4 controller. There are lot of ways to use PS4 with any streaming devices like PC, Console, Visual Reality, Media streaming and many more. If you doesn’t have any advanced Xbox controller or any console like handy or spiffy, then choosing the

How to Sync PS4 Controller and Guide to Fix Sync or Pair Issues

PS4 controller is also called as DualShock 4 is the official game control for PlayStation 4 console. Main feature of this game controller is, that is a wireless game controller with more better features related to previous PlayStation controllers. Also PS4 contains built in touch pad, built in speaker, light bar and share button for

Can You Use a PS5 Controller on a PS4 and How to Connect

What is PS5 Controller The PS5 controller is known as the Dual Sense controller, it is the primary game controller designed for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console. It was introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainment as the successor to the DualShock 4 controller, which was used with the Play Station 4 (PS4) console. The DualSense controller

Why is My Xbox One Controller Flashing and Not Connecting

Xbox is commonly known as a gaming device, and It is designed to work for long, but sometimes, it happens that it doesn’t work well with some devices, and many of us having a doubt why is my Xbox one controller flashing and not connecting. So, just check the possible reasons and how to fix.

How to Clear Cache on Xbox and How to Reset Xbox One

The temporary storage space utilized by the Xbox console to store frequently accessed data and enhance speed is known as Xbox Cache. On your Xbox system, you can clear the cache occasionally, when problems like slow performance or game crashes might be fixed by clearing the cache. It contains a variety of data kinds, including