Split Screen on Chromebook

How to Split Screen on Chromebook with Multiple Methods

Complete multiple tasking at a time with the exclusive feature of Split screen in Chromebook. Just go how to Split Screen on Chromebook through various methods and uses to split screen using Built-in feature, Keyboard shortcuts, window snapping followed by with some of third party apps… How to Split Screen on Chromebook Splitting the screen …

World's First Camera for Color Zooming

World’s First Camera for Color & Zooming Technology

Feeling excited to know the World’s First Camera and first photography taken by whom and when. Just check about First photographic camera, color camera, zooming camera followed by some facts about it… First thing that triggers our mind by listening to the word camera is a device comprising of big lenses, battery, buttons and of …

HRMS Login

HRMS Login for Employee / Employer & HRMS Portal Services

Detailed information on HRMS Login as Employee and Employer, Know How to Login HRMS Employee and also of Employer, Services available in HRMS Portal followed by some FAQs… HRMS, abbreviated as Human Resource Management System mostly taken by many origination and business groups. Having an HRIS implemented in the company. It makes easier for employers …

Karnataka Bhoomi Reports

Bhoomi Reports of Karnataka with Survey Number & Dispute Cases

Bhoomi RTC is an official portal that has been introduced by the Karnataka State government to help the citizens of the state. They bring various services to the citizens of the state at their fingertips which have been provided by visiting the revenue for municipal offices. All services related to the property are being brought …

Screenshot Apple Watch

Screenshot Apple Watch – Find Enabling, Taking, Viewing of Screenshots

Enjoy the all features provided by apple watch and make use of capturing screenshot apple watch feature for saving any important note. Just check the entire process to enable Screenshot Apple watch feature, know how to take and view it followed by use of Assistive Touch Feature… The Apple Watch is a versatile and convenient …

How to Connect Apple Watch to Wifi

How to Connect Apple Watch to WiFi – Fix Issues of not Connecting

Connect your Apple Watch to WiFi for more benefits and better convenience. Just check the complete process for how to connect Apple watch to WiFi through Apple watch as well as iPhone, benefits of connecting it, reasons for connectivity issues followed by guide to fix this issue…. Benefits of connecting Apple Watch to WiFi Improved …