How to Open a PC Money Account


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This article will guide you through the simple steps about how to open a PC Money Account in Canada as and when required.

Managing finances is an essential aspect of our daily lives, and having a reliable banking solution is crucial. PC Money Account, offered by President’s Choice Financial, provides a convenient and efficient way to handle your finances.

PC Money Account

Prerequisites to open a PC Money account

Here are the prerequisites to open a PCMoney Account

  • Be a resident of Canada.
  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Have a valid email address.
  • Have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN).

You can also open a PC Money™ Account if you are a permanent resident of Canada, but you will need to provide additional documentation to verify your status.

How to Open a PC Money Account

You can register a PC Money Account using PC Money online services, which is discussed below.

Follow the below process for opening a PC Money Account

  1. Go to the Official PC Money Account by opening website secure.pcfinancial.ca/
  2. Click on Yes, I have a card option if you have a card
  3. Tap on “No, I am brand new” if you are completely new to it
  4. Assuming you are completely new to it
  5. Click on ‘Get started’
  6. You will need to fill in some information like Personal information, Contact information, Address, Employment status, Residential information, Account usage.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions for registering the PC Money Account.

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Can I open a joint PC Money Account

Yes, you can open a joint PCMoney Account with a spouse, partner, or other trusted individual. Both account holders will have equal access to the account and will be able to make transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, and bill payments.

Can I open a PC Money Account without SIN?

Yes, you can open a PCMoney Account without a SIN in Canada. However, providing your SIN can help speed up the process. If you don’t have a SIN, you’ll need to provide other information, such as your occupation or employment status.

Can I earn rewards with a PC Money Account

  • Yes, you can earn rewards with a PC Money Account.
  • You will earn 10 PC Optimum points for every $1 you spend on purchases at participating stores, and 5 points on every $1 everywhere else you shop.
  • You can also earn bonus points for certain activities, such as setting up direct deposit or making a referral.

Benefits of Opening a PC Money account

There are many benefits to opening a PC Money account. Some of the benefits include:

  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Free Interac e-Transfers
  • Free ATM withdrawals at all PC Financial ATM and most other ATM in Canada
  • The ability to earn PC Optimum points on everyday purchases

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