Privacy Policy

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At this website, we take your privacy very seriously and this privacy policy explains how we collect, share and use your personal information. Also, please note that our privacy policy is subject to change from time to time and we request all users who visit to take a look at our privacy policy periodically to be up to date with the changes.

Collection, Storage and Use of Personal Information on Website Name from You

On our website, we collect your personal information that you submit across different pages via the comments section which involves sharing of first name, last name, email address, IP Address and more when you submit a comment.

We also collect information which is non personal such as the use of the website, your interests, age and demographics as well which as you consent to cookies can be tracked by third party advertisement services which we use for monetization on our website.

User Tracking

We may also track some information about the user behavior on our website such as the browser, pages visited, searches on the website and similar to those which are any events that users complete on the website. We also use tracking and analytical services such as Google Analytics which tracks all the said information to provide us with insights about the user traffic and more analytical details of the website.

Please note that we may from time to time change the services used on our website to either help provide a better experience to customers and change services such as Google Analytics or any other advertisement services which we use to monetize on our website.

Collection of Cookies and Use of Cookies:

When you consent to allow cookies to be tracked on our website, you agree to share the cookies information with us and third party services which we use on our website. We use different services such as Google analytics and Google Adsense which track your user information, behavior, data, devices and more.

Please note that we do not directly make use of your cookies information for any advertisement or remarketing purpose. It is the third party advertisement services such as Google Adsense or any other service which we may potentially use in the future to track and show ads to you which we are not responsible for.

Your Rights to Your Personal Information:

You have the right to decide not to submit your personal information by not accepting the cookies and disallowing them for third party services to not track you and show ads. While, the personal information stored on the website cannot be deleted or removed once you submit the information as you acknowledge to be in compliance with the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of our website