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Enjoy the benefits of using President’s Chief (PC) mastercard by getting daily rewards whenever you make a payment through online or physically using that payment card.

As there is both official physical banks or offices available for PC financial in Canada, we can process all the works or complaints related to PC financial through banks and as well as through online which makes us to have some knowledge on using it.

So through this article, we will discuss more details on PC financial login process of their official site followed by PC Mastercard login.

PC Financial MasterCard Login

PC Financial

PC Financial is a Financial Company of Canada which offers a wide variety of financial services for their customers. It if formed and owned by Loblaw Companies Limited (LCL) in the year of 1996. PC Financial headquarters is located at Toronto, Ontario.

It provides lot of services that includes banking services like Savings account, chequing accounts, Credit cards, insurance , gift cards and many more for their customers. So through this, it is one of the largest banks of Canada with more than 1 million customers.

Actually, PC financial is become famous by it’s loyalty program called PC Optimum. The customers under Optimum gets the daily rewards as if they use one dollar using PC financial through any payment mode like using payment cards of PC financial, they will earn some points.

By using this points, customers can get discounts on shopping, fuel, food and also for traveling, So let’s discuss some more benefits of using PC financial.

PC Financial Login

PC Financial offers a online portal to access all your banking services by simply sitting at home. You can do it from anywhere and at anytime. This is very easy to access but before that you have to do login into the portal through official site. So just follow the simple steps given below :

  1. Open your web browser and visit official site of PC Financial or go through this link secure.pcfinancial.ca/en
  2. Click on Sign in option present at top right corner
  3. Provide your Username and Password
  4. Tap on Sign in option to login into the PC Financial official portal

What happens if you forgot PCFinancial Username or Password

If you stuck on login page as you forgot your username or password of your PC Financial login portal. Then simply follow the steps to recover your forgot password :

  1. If you forgor your Username itself, just tap on Forgot Username link available there
  2. Enter your Card number, Card expiry date and also postal code in the page opens
  3. Click on Continue
  4. You will get an confirmation email and from there you can recover your Username
  5. If you forgot your Password, click on Forgot Password link present there
  6. Provide your Username and click on Continue
  7. You will get a confirmation email and you recover from there by following on screen instructions.

Note: If you don’t have any account of PC Financial in online, just click on Sign up option that present on login page beside “Don’t have an online account?”. There you can provide your PC card details and postal code to proceed further.

PC Financial MasterCard

Before login to PC Mastercard, let’s have brief look on What is PC Mastercard and How it works.

PC Financial offers a Credit Card for their Customers called PC Master Card. It is a no fee credit card provided by PC Financial and you can use it through online and as well as physically.

To use this MasterCard, you need to apply for this. Simply follow the steps to apply for PC MasterCard

How to Apply for PCFinancial MasterCard

  1. Launch your web browser and visit official site of PC Financial
  2. Or simply go through this link secure.pcfinancial.ca/en
  3. Click on Apply Now option present at top right corner of the page
  4. It will asks you for that you already have a PC Mastercard or not or you applying it freshly.
  5. If you already uses MasterCard, click on “Yes, I have a Card” option or else simply click on “No, I am brand new”.
  6. After clicking, just read the basic requirements to apply for MasterCard on the next page that opens and Tap on Get Started
  7. There you will get a Application PDF where all terms and conditions are written with also the details of various interest rates, minimum Payments and some more
  8. Download the PDF and take a print of it and simply tick the checkbox present below of Application and tap on Next
  9. Here you need to provide your personal information, contact information, Address, Employment Status, Account options and also Link your PC optimum
  10. Finally, review your Application once

Note: After submitting your Application, if it verified successfully you will get a physical MasterCard delivered to your doorstep in a short of time or you can access you MasterCard through online on official Site pcoptimum.ca or simply access it through Mobile app of PC Financial.

If you are facing any issues or having any queries on PC Master card that you applied, simply take the help of Customer Care by calling on 18662467262.

How to Use PC Financial MasterCard

After successfully applying for MasterCard and after getting it, you just need to make use of it in proper way. To know how to use it, just follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. Activate your MasterCard by visiting online official website of PC Financial or simply call on Customer care to this number 18662467262.
  2. To use it in online payments, just add your card in any wallet of UPI apps like Google Pay.
  3. Or you can use MasterCard at any physical stores to purchase something.
  4. Combine your PC MasterCard with PC optimum, to earn reward points whenever you make a purchase or payment by using your MasterCard
  5. You can simply redeem your reward points to purchase anything like food, clothes or much more.

PC Financial MasterCard Login

PC Mastercard login through online website

To activate or access your PC MasterCard, after you getting it successfully, you need to login to PC MasterCard.

So to login for this, simply follow the process that we already discussed for login process of PC Financial in above.

After login to PC Financial, you can view your account balance, recent transactions and access more banking services and also modify account settings as Username, Password and Security questions.

President choice mastercard login through iPhone

  1. Unlock your iPhone and Launch App Store
  2. Search for PC Financial app and Install it
  3. Open the app and Click on Login
  4. Provide your PC Financial account’s Username and Password
  5. Tap on Login option again
  6. You will get an OTP for authentication, just fill it and enter
  7. Now, you can easily access your PC MasterCard

President’s Choice Financial Login through Android

In Android mobiles, you need to follow the same process as we followed for iPhone but install app through Google Play Store.

There is a difference in interface of the android PC Financial app and iPhone’s app.

You can pay bills through voice commands in android app and able to view balance in different currencies. Also android app are available in many countries as compared to iPhone app.

Benefits of PC MasterCard

There are lot of benefits by using PC MasterCard for any purchases you make through online as well as offline. Here are some of the major benefits listed below:

  • There is no any annually fee for using MasterCard
  • You can earn reward points when anytime you make a purchase
  • Easily redeem reward points to purchase anything like food, fuel or for traveling through PC optimum
  • PC Financial offers a good competitive interest rates to use it
  • You can easily access mastercard through online banking and as well as through mobile app
  • If you have any problem or query related to MasterCard, you can simply contact customer care support which is available 24/7.

If you are confusing with PC optimum and how it works, just have a look that we discussed it below.

What is PC Optimum

As we already discussed about PC optimum as it is a loyalty program developed by PC Financial to earn reward points on every dollar that you spent through PC MasterCard.

It is used in combination with PC MasterCard, and by using that reward points, you can purchase anything through online and also in stores.

This program is available in all Loblaw supermarket stores that available in both offline and online. But before using this you need to login for PC Optimum Program. To do this, just follow the steps mentioned below.

PC Optimum Login

  1. Open your Web browser and visit official site of PC Financial
  2. Scroll down to bottom of the page and select PCOptimum.ca link or simply go through this link pcoptimum.ca
  3. Click on Get Started option
  4. Enter your Email ID and Password and also confirms password by re-entering it
  5. Tick the check box and click on Create a PC Id button
  6. If you already have a PC Id then simply click on it and enter your Email Id and Password
  7. Finally click on Sign in to login to your account

PC Optimum Sign In through Mobile App

  1. Install PC Optimum mobile app on your phone
  2. Click on Login option present at bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Provide your Username and Password
  4. Click on Login again
  5. If you forgot your Username or Password, just click on the respective links showing forgot Username or forgot Password
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to recover your forgot Username or Password.

By login to your PC Optimum app, you can view your reward points balance, you can use it for purchasing and access points properly.

PCOptimum CA Benefits

You can use PC Optimum with the combination of PC Financial app as a PC Financial customer to get better results.

As by using Optimum app, you can access your points and by Financial app, you can access banking Services. So let us have look on major benefits of PC Optimum :

  • You can Reward points for every purchase you made and every dollar you spent.
  • Redeem your reward points to purchase anything like on food or clothing or anything from in-stores
  • You can get push notifications if there any personalized offers by Loblaw and Drug Mart
  • If you are a Optimum Insider, then you get early access for any promotions or events held by Loblaw
  • You can also track your daily or monthly spendings and the reward points you earned
  • by using PC Optimum with PC MasterCard, you will avail lot of discounts on purchases you made.

Note: Optimum points have expiry date too. If you don’t make use of it before 90 days, then it will expire. So be careful with it and use your points before expiry.

FAQs on PC Financial

What is the President’s Choice MasterCard or PC Plus MasterCard

As till now, there is no such card called PC Plus MasterCard. PC Financial only provides PC MasterCard for their customers which acts as a credit card.

It is very beneficial to users as it doesn’t have any annual fee to use and good competitive interest rates. Also users can earn reward points at every purchase they made and use this points for availing discounts.

What is PCFinancial Online Customer Support

At the time of Login to your PC Financial or PC MasterCard or applying for it newly, you need to fill out the application and needs to provide your information for applying.

Then if you face any problem or any query at the time of activation of your card, you can contact to the Customer Support of PC Financial which is available 24/7. So simply dial to 18662467262 for solving queries.

Can I use my PC MasterCard anywhere

Yes, you can use your PC MasterCard anywhere at where MasterCard transaction is acceptable. You can simply use it to pay bills and also to draw cash from banking machines.

What is the daily limit of PC MasterCard

There is no particular daily limit for everyone and varies to person to person based on their credit history. So spending limit mainly depends on Credit score, income of customer and repayment history.

What is the Tap limit of PC Financial MasterCard in Canada

Now talking about tap limit, it is the transaction limit that done by without entering PIN and also called contactless payment.

In many stores of Canada, contactless payments are acceptable and you just need to place the MasterCard at the top of billing machine. Finally, the Tap Limit of PC MasterCard in Canada as of now is $200.

What is the Value of PC Optimum points in terms of cash

Optimum points are the reward points of your PCFinancial MasterCard, whenever you spent a dollar using MasterCard, you will get Optimum points as reward.

One optimum point value equals to 0.1 Cents. So 1000 Optimum points is equal to one dollar and you make use of it for purchasing anything.

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