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Generate best editing images in a simple way without using any efforts by Adobe’s Photoshop AI Generative fill tool. Now a days Artificial intelligence tools has made lot of changes in technology like ChatGPT and Google Bard.

It is only for text or content generating, where Adobe Photoshop generates AI based images. Just follow our article to use Photoshop’s AI generative fill tool and it’s requirements followed by features of AI generative fill tool.


Basic requirements need to use Photoshop AI Generative fill tool

To use this feature for image editing, there are some basic requirements needed to get access and that requirements are listed below :

  • Must need a Paid Photoshop Subscription
    • You need to buy paid subscription of Photoshop to use AI generative fill tool. Pricing of subscription varies based on region. In US, the price is $20.99. To know the pricing of Photoshop subscription, just go through this link adobe.com/products/photoshop/landpa
  • Only Runs on English Prompts
    • If you want to edit using AI generative fill tool, just need to give prompts in English. Till now it only accepts english prompts but not other language.
  • Must use new version of Photoshop
    • This AI generative fill tool is only available in Photoshop version that released on or after 2023. There is no such tools present in older versions.
  • User must be of 18 years or older
    • The users who cross the age of 18 years old or above are only have access to use this feature. if you not have atleast 18 years age, having paid subscription also not allows you to use this feature. So be aware of your account details before buying subscription

How to Use Photoshop AI Generative Fill tool

Before using the tool, you need to sign up for the Adobe Photoshop and then make access to use AI generative fill tool. After creating your new account just install the desktop app on your PC and then install Photoshop(only beta version) to access AI generative tool. So let’s check the Sign up process :

Sign Up for Photoshop

  1. Open your browser and go to Adobe Creative cloud official site or just go through this link www.adobe.com
  2. Click on Sign In present on top right corner of home page
  3. Tap on Create an account
  4. Enter Email ID and provide strong password for future use and click on continue
  5. Confirmation link will be sent to your email by Adobe and confirm it by clicking on link
  6. After confirmation, you can install desktop app now.

Install Adobe Photoshop Desktop App

  1. Again visit official site of Adobe Creative Cloud or go through this link www.adobe.com
  2. Scroll down and click on Download and install option under Support section
  3. Tap on get started in All other Adobe apps tab
  4. Click on Download and install option of Creative Cloud section and select the version of 2023
  5. Click on downloaded file and launch the app
  6. Follow on screen instructions and install the app

Install Photoshop (Beta version) to use AI generative tool

  1. Open the app that you installed in previous step
  2. Tap on Beta apps option present in categories section on lest side of the screen
  3. Install the Photoshop (Beta)
  4. Open the Photoshop (Beta) app and you can access any image
  5. Select any image that you want to edit and make use of AI generative fill tool.

How to use AI generative fill tool on Adobe Photoshop

  1. Select any image to edit
  2. Choose the area of the image by using any cropping tool
  3. Tap on Generative Fill option to use it
  4. There will be a prompt box opens and enter the command that you want to edit with that image
  5. Or you can leave it empty, then AI itself edit the image
  6. Wait for sometime to get the complete image

Features of Photoshop AI Generative fill tool

  • Easy text prompts : You just need to provide simple text prompts to AI generative fill tool to edit the image. You don’t need to provide in complex language or in detailed way. Just enter prompt in simple english language
  • Best Upscaling features : It provides smart Object upscaling feature to provide best image quality. This features increases the resolution and sharpness to image and also provides missing pixels to maintain it’s original picture quality.
  • Great tuning and Customization : User can control the generated content by just giving simple prompts to AI generative fill tool
  • Easy to use : It is very quick and easy to use. This tool makes the way easier for editing and it will be the game changer in future.


Where can I find the Generative fill tool option in Photoshop?

You can find it simply by multiple options. Just choose edit option from windows and click on Generative fill from the application bar. Or you can select the area that you want to edit and right click on it. Then Select generative fill from the drop down.

What to do If my generative fill tool is greyed out?

If you noticed that your generative fill tool is greyed out, the main reason behind it is your date of birth. Your age may be below 18 years on your account details. So just change your date of birth from account settings and again login to your Adobe Photoshop account.

Where can I find Photoshop plugins?

To find plugins just open Creative cloud desktop app in your PC. Tap on Stock & Marketplace. Now select Plugins option and click on get. Then install the plugins by following on screen instructions.

What are the reasons for greying out of neural filters option in Photoshop?

There is mainly a major reason is that user or account may using Feature Restricted Licensing (FRL) and it results in greying out of neural filter option from the Filter menu. So just update to latest photoshop version of your Creative cloud app.

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