How to Sync PS4 Controller and Guide to Fix Sync or Pair Issues


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PS4 controller is also called as DualShock 4 is the official game control for PlayStation 4 console. Main feature of this game controller is, that is a wireless game controller with more better features related to previous PlayStation controllers.

Also PS4 contains built in touch pad, built in speaker, light bar and share button for good gaming performance. But you need to sync your PS4 controller, if there is some connecting issues or you buy a new one or to connect it with a new device.

There are another reasons also to sync your PS4 controller for better connection and performance. To do this just follow our article to sync your PS4 controller in many ways. Also get the complete guide on PS4 controller and the way to use it or fix any problem.

How to Sync PS4 Controller

How to Sync PS4 Controller

There are mainly two ways to connect your PS4 controller to PS4, they are :

  • Using USB cable
  • Using Bluetooth

How to Connect PS4 controller to PS4 using USB cable

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 by pressing on button present on PlayStation
  2. Attach the USB cable to the PS4 controller with the PlayStation
  3. Connect USB in one of the USB ports of PS4 and micro USB side to the PS
  4. Press on the button present in the middle of the PS4 controller until the blue light lightens.
  5. After pressing button multiple times, your controller can be connected to PlayStation

It is the easiest way to sync your PS4 controller to the PlayStation by using USB cable. But if your USB cable is not working or damaged or not available, then try the another method using Bluetooth. To do this follow the below process.

How to Connect PS4 controller to PS4 using Bluetooth

  1. Turn on the PS4 controller by pressing on the button
  2. Follow the same process as explained above to lighten the blue light
  3. Open settings on your PlayStation
  4. Click on Devices
  5. Select Bluetooth Devices option
  6. Choose any controller from list of the controllers and connect to it

Now your PS4 controller is connected to the PlayStation that you selected. By following this same method you can sync additional PS4 controllers wirelessly.

Other Solution to Fix the issue if USB Cable and Bluetooth are not working

  1. Make sure that the PlayStation is in Stand by mode if you are connecting though Bluetooth
  2. Charge the controller before syncing the device and check the battery levels
  3. Make sure that USB cable is not damaged
  4. Try the other USB ports is inserted port is not working
  5. Unpair and Re-pair your controller before syncing

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How to Fix a PS4 Controller Sync that won’t connect Wirelessly

If you are trying to connect new controller with bluetooth, but the name was not showing in the list. To fix this just enable the pairing mode of your PlayStation. To do this follow simple steps given below :

  1. Press and Hold the PlayStation button for 3 seconds
  2. Again Press and hold the PlayStation button and Share button at a time for three seconds
  3. Blue light gets blinking and your controller name listed in bluetooth devices
  4. Connect it to your PlayStaion

Make sure that bluetooth is also enabled in Controller and it is in the range of Bluetooth connection that is upto 30 meters. If connection issues not resolved at yet, then follow the methods that discussed below.

How to Pair PS4 Controller and Unpair

You have to unpair the PS4 controller first with your PlayStation and then pair it again to fix connecting issues.

Unpair PS4 Controller

  1. Turn off the PS4 controller that you want to unpair
  2. Turn on the console of the PlayStation from which you want to unpair it
  3. Click on Settings present on home page
  4. Select Devices options and then tap on Bluetooth devices
  5. Choose the PS4 controller that you want to unpair and click on Delete

RePair PS4 Controller

To re-pair your PS4 controller just follow the same method that we already discussed to sync our controller via Bluetooth.

How to Charge PS4 Controller

Charging your PS4 controller is very easy and just it needs a USB cable to charge it. You can charge it in various methods. Some of the methods are discussed below :

  • Connect your PS4 controller to the PS4 system with USB cable to turn on charging
  • Make sure that PS4 system is in rest mode or On mode
  • If you want to check the battery levels, then simply press and hold PlayStation button
  • Once the battery is full then light blinking gets off when it is in rest mode
  • If you want to charge it through laptop or PC, then just simply connect the controller with PC using USB cable

How to Reset PS4 Controller

There are two types of Reset available to fix the issues in PS4 controller. One of the reset is Soft Reset and other one is Hard Reset. To perform both methods just follow the simple steps given :

How to do Soft Reset of PS4 controller

  1. Open your working PS4 controller and login to it
  2. Go to the settings present on bottom left of Home page
  3. Click on Devices and choose Bluetooth devices
  4. Select any inactive controller from the list and press on options button present on top right of PS4 controller
  5. Tap on Forget Device option
  6. Power off your PS 4 controller by using PS button or through menu of controller
  7. Connect again the disconnected PS4 controller to the PlayStation by using USB cable
  8. Turn on the PS4 and log in to your controller

How to do Hard Reset of PS4 controller

If your problem is not resolved by doing Soft reset, then just go for Hard Reset. To do this just follow the process given below

  1. Power off your PS4 controller
  2. Just find the small hole present at back side of left shoulder button of controller
  3. Fit the unfolded paper clip to push the button inside the hole
  4. Press and hold the button for sometime
  5. Turn on the PS4 using USB cable and wait for the Restart
  6. Log in to controller and connect to console


Why is PS4 controller light blinks Red ?

Red light blinks when the battery levels of your controller or the other players PS4 controller charging levels gets low. Then you need to charge your controller for better gaming

Are all PS4 controllers wireless ?

No, some of the PS4 controllers are wireless and some are wired. According to your choice, buy the best PlayStation controllers with the better features.

How much time taken to charge your PS4 controller ?

It takes upto two hours to completely charge your PS4 controller from zero battery levels to full charge. Light blinking turns off automatically, if it charged completely.

How to fix the white light blinking problem of your PS4 Controller ?

If your controller blinking white light continuously, then there are mainly two reasons possible. One of the reason is low charge of your controller. You just need to charge your controller to fix this problem. Other reason is that any other PS4 controller trying to connect with your bluetooth but unable to do. Then just fix this issue by re-pairing method or by resetting it.

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