How to Use ChatGPT on iPhone and Apple Watch in Different ways


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ChatGPT gets a revolution by providing AI generative responses for any queries that asked by users worldwide. But till now, it not launches an official app for android but available for iPhone users.

But you can access ChatGPT through web browser or through API keys. There are also lot of third party apps developed recently and available in both App store and Google play store. So let’s go through this article to use ChatGPT on iPhone.

Is ChatGPT app available on iPhone

As we already discussed, there is a dedicated app available for ChatGPT for iPhone users, but not for android users.

You can simply use shortcut of ChatGPT from browser or install third party apps that works similar to ChatGPT. So just follow the methods to use it.

How to use ChatGPT App on iPhone

ChatGPT app is available for iPhone users in App store from May, 2023. Also OpenAi launched public API for ChatGPT and it makes any app developers to make third party apps that supports ChatGPT.

There are some famous apps also using ChatGPT by integrating it in their apps. Some of the apps are Snapchat, Instacart, Speak and many more. Now we can learn, how to use ChatGPT mobile app on iPhone

Install ChatGPT on iPhone

  1. Open App store on your iPhone and search for ChatGPT
  2. Be careful with third party apps as there are lot of apps available as ChatGPT duplicates or simply go through this link apps.apple.com/us/app/chatgpt
  3. Install the app
  4. Open the app and Sign in with your account
  5. if you don’t have any existing account, simple create an account using your Email or Google account
  6. Provide required details like name, date of birth and mobile number
  7. Click on Continue

Note : ChatGPT is only available for the users who are of 13 years or older. If you are a minor then the parent concern is necessary.

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Use ChatGPT on iPhone

  1. Open ChatGPT app and enter any prompt or query in the textbox
  2. You can also use audio option present right of textbox to provide query by speaking, then your microphone starts enabled to record your voice
  3. If you completed asking question, then again click on audio option
  4. ChatGPT generate response based on your question
  5. You can also change settings, Rename ChatGPT or delete your activity by tapping on main menu present as three horizontal dots at top right corner
  6. If you want any advanced features of ChatGPT, simply buy GPT-4 subscription plan by paying $20.

Is ChatGPT App free to use on iPhone?

Yes, ChatGPT is completely free to use on iPhone. You just need to install the app from App Store. Then Signup to your account using your Email account.

As ChatGPT app is launched for iPhone in May 2023. Before that there will be third party apps on iPhone to work as ChatGPT charges the users.

What are the best Third party apps of CHatGPT for iPhone users?

There are lot of third party apps of ChatGPT available for iPhone users in App Store. But we need to install the most reviewed and best apps among that.

So some the best apps of ChatGPT like that available on App Store are: Genie – AI Chatbot, AI Chat or Pocket AI, ChatBot AI Chat, AI Buddy, Chat AI Chatbot Assistant plus and many more. But be aware of apps that you are installing in place of ChatGPT.

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How to Access ChatGPT on your iPhone from the browser

It is the easiest way to use ChatGPT from browser in iPhone. Also we can add shortcut home screen icon of ChatGPT to use it directly from home screen without opening browser repeatedly. So to do this just follow the steps given below :

Login to ChatGPT through Browser

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone
  2. Search for chatGPT or go through this link openai.com/blog/chatgpt
  3. Click on Try ChatGPT option
  4. Tap on log-in and enter your email ID and password and click on continue
  5. If you opened it first time, then simply create an account
  6. You will get some instructions and click on Next and then on Done options
  7. Now you can use ChatGPT by giving any queries

Create Shortcut for ChatGPT through Safari in iPhone

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone and visit official site of ChatGPT
  2. Click on Share icon present at navigation bar of Safari browser
  3. From dropdown menu, just tap on Add to Home Screen option
  4. Rename the shortcut to ChatGPT and click on Add option
  5. From next time, you can simply click on shortcut icon from home screen to directly access ChatGPT.

How to Convert your Siri into SiriGPT on your iPhone

As every iPhone user is familiar with Siri, a smart virtual assistant developed by Apple. It is also a AI tool that perform various tasks on voice commands of users.

If you combine Siri with ChatGPT, then you get better experience and results. So to do this, we need API keys for ChatGPT and also follow the steps mentioned below :

How to Retrieve API Key from OpenAI

  1. To open API keys for ChatGPT, just go through this link platform.openai.com
  2. Tap on profile icon present on top right corner and select View API keys option
  3. Click on Create new Secret Key option
  4. Again tap on Create API key option and copy the key that you get
  5. Click on Done

Compose a shortcut for ChatGPT on iPhone

  1. You need to add a shortcut app to your iPhone
  2. Open SiriGPT shortcut site or go through this link icloud.com/shortcuts
  3. Click on Get Shortcut option
  4. Open SiriGPT shortcut app and tap on three vertical dots
  5. Paste the copied API key in the text box that named Add API Key Here
  6. Again go to shortcuts menu and click on SiriGPT shortcut
  7. Enable all the permissions required and tap on allow
  8. Now use shortcut by asking a question and tap on Always Allow of pop up appeared
  9. You will get an answer in the voice of Siri and you can click on done or Ask again for asking any other prompt.

How to Use Bing app powered by ChatGPT on your iPhone

As AI revolution starts with ChatGPT, all famous tech companies are developing their own AI tools such as Google Bard and Microsoft Bing.

Microsoft Bing also providing the one of the smartest Chatbot called Bing Chat. It collaborates with the next generation openAi and also stated that Bing Chat is based on GPT-4.

As Bing is not only a chatbot but it also generate images, tables, texts and also arts as per user prompt which will not possible through ChatGPT.

Bing chat provide the answers in real time whereas ChatGPT access upto the data of 2021. So lets check how to use Bing chat on iPhone through the steps given below :

Install Bing app on iPhone

  1. Launch App store on your iPhone
  2. Search for Bing app or go through this link apps.apple.com/us/app/bing and install it
  3. Open the installed Bing app and click on Get Started
  4. Tap on Sign in and Join and sign in through your Microsoft account

Use Bing AI on iPhone

  1. To start the conversation with Bing chat, just click on speech bubble icon present in bottom middle of the home page
  2. Allow the precise location as per your wish for better results
  3. You have to pick conversation style among three options
  4. The options are More Creative, More Balanced, More precise
  5. After selecting conversation style, you can enter the prompt
  6. You can ask query by speaking out by selecting microphone icon as it records your question and read out the answer
  7. Or you simply write down the text by typing on clicking on keyboard icon
  8. Bing AI shows you that what it will fetching for and you will get the answer in real time
  9. It will also show the sources from which it fetch and access the data and provide some most relevant follow up questions
  10. To continue the conversation, you can select follow up questions or type for anything new
  11. You can also use broom option present left side of textbox to start new conversation.

Note : Microsoft Bing AI provides upto 20 prompts in each conversation and it will be notified at each text bubble and like this upto 200 conversations per day. You can also like or dislike the response and able to share and copy it for future reference.

Is Bing tied up with ChatGPT?

Microsoft also launches the one of the smartest AI ChatBot called Bing AI. It also generates AI responses based on user query.

It not only generates answers in text format but also generates images, tables and many more. As Microsoft stated, Bing AI is based on Next generation OpenAI and works as GPT-4.

How to Use the Shortcut for ChatGPT for Apple Watch

As till now, you can’t access ChatGPT directly from Apple Watch. But still you can add a shortcut to use ChatGPT on Apple Watch.

To do this you need to Retrieve API Key from OpenAI and then install a Shortcut app that supports ChatGPT on both iPhone and Apple Watch.

As we already discussed on How to Retrieve API Key, so we will directly discuss about Shortcut app. Just follow the steps mentioned below :

Install ChatGPT Shortcut on iPhone

  1. Download the Shortcut app that named “Shortcut for ChatGPT (Medium)” or simply go through this link icloud.com/shortcuts
  2. Click on Get Shortcut option
  3. Tap on Add Shortcut option for adding this shortcut to your App
  4. You can also rename it
  5. Click on three horizontal dots present on right top of the shortcut
  6. Paste your API key that you copied in the text box that named “Paste your API key in here” under Text tab
  7. Tap on Done present on top right corner

How to run Shortcut for ChatGPT on Apple Watch

  1. Unlock your Apple watch and ask Siri to run Shortcut for ChatGPT
  2. For example, “Hey Siri, run Shortcut for ChatGPT”
  3. It will asked you to choose input mode as Typing or Dictating
  4. If you select dictating, you need to allow microphone or Speech recognition access for shortcut.
  5. Click on Allow to give access
  6. If you want to Type, then you need to access by tapping on Always Allow or Allow once based on your choice
  7. Then you will get the AI generated response on your Apple Watch itself.

Note: Using API keys may leads to pay money to OpenAI. It gives you free trail upto $18 and then charges for using this. So be careful with the usage and frequently check your usage and pricing of API keys to skip charged. If you want unlimited usage, just purchase the license of API Key from OpenAI.

How to Use ChatGPT on iPhone using Third Party Apps

Using third party app for ChatGPT is not suggested on iPhone as OpenAI launches official ChatGPT app for iPhone users in May, 2023.

But, so many App developers launch apps similar to ChatGPT using API keys from OpenAI. If you want to use Third Party apps for ChatGPT on iPhone, follow some of the apps mentioned below.

AI Chat : Ask Chat Assistant

AI Chat, popularly known as Pocket AI is one of the best app similar to ChatGPT that available on App Store. As it is a paid app and you can write unlimited questions in it.

It is famous for generating accurate AI responses, dividing tasks in better way and generate any type of essays, emails and resumes and many more. But this only generates in text format.

You can use it in iPad, iPhone and as well as in Apple watch. You can download this app through this link PocketAI app

Genie – AI Chatbot

Genie app is also a ChatGPT like app that available on iPhone to use. It generates the AI response for your queries and also speaks out the answer.

But it is available in paid version with three days of free trail. You can also download the response and also share it though Genie app. You can download this app through this link Genie APP.

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