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The great tech companies are focusing on AI Chatbots to attract their users and make revolution in generating accurate response for the problems and queries asked by users.

Firstly, it was started by the AI chatbot called ChatGPT that developed by Openai in the starting of 2023. But it has some limitations compared to Google’s AI Chatbot (Bard) and Microsoft’s AI chatbot (Bing Search).

Google bard can access the real time data and provide great results that asked by user. But ChatGPT can can access data till 2021 and provides the information based on that.

These chatbots also make mistakes but most of the time it provides related information.

Google Bard AI

What is Google Bard AI

Google launches it’s new AI chatbot after the rivalry that starts with ChatGPT. Bard is a large language model that learnt and accessed on huge amount of data and information to solve the queries of the users that includes real time problems.

Google bard make it’s place unique by providing latest solutions as compared to Chatgpt as it only access the data till 2021. But Bard only provide the response in text format but not in image format.

Google Bard is still in development and uses Pretraining and Auxillary Language Modelling(PALM) to generate response.

Also you can register for google bard complete access once it developed completely by registering into early access and joining in waitlist. But if you are eager to use this directly from google then just follow the methods mentioned in this article.

How to Activate and Use Google Bard AI in Search Results

To get Google Bard results directly at the search results in your google page, then just follow these steps and get results quick and easy. To do this :

  • Install Google Bard for Search Engine
  • Create an account on Google Bard
  • Access Google Bard AI directly right inside Google Search

How to Install Google Bard for Search Engine

  1. Launch Web browser (Google Chrome) on your PC
  2. Open Chrome Web store and Search for Extension called ‘Bard for Search Engines’
  3. Click on that extension or simply go through this link chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bard-for-search-engines
  4. Tap on Add to chrome option
  5. Click on add extensions option on confirmation tab
  6. You successfully installed the Google bard extension for Search engines

Create an account on Google Bard

After successfully installing bard extension on your search engine, now just create an account on google bard to use it further. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. Open your browser and visit official site of Google bard or go through this link bard.google.com
  2. Tap on Sign in Option
  3. Enter your email Id and click on next
  4. Once you completed sign in process, just close the tab

How to access Google Bard AI directly right inside the search results page

After installing bard extension and Signing up to google bard, then you just need to follow two simple steps to get direct access of Bard at search results page of your browser. To do this :

  1. Open your browser and search for any query
  2. On the search results page, just have a look on right side of the page
  3. There you will get the generated response of google Bard for your query
  4. If you want to ask more or have any issue with the response, click on continue to chat that present below the Bard’s response
  5. Enter any prompt in the text box to get the result.

Note : As google bard is still in developing stage and it is an AI chatbot, so it may committe any mistakes. So it will be suggested to go through in both old searching method and also in Bard’s response to find better results.


Is there any age restriction to use Google Bard ?

Yes, there is an age restriction to use google bard. User must be of 18 years or older. User with less than 18 years are unable to access google bard.

If you are above 18 and still unable to access it, then change your google account settings from which you are trying to use it.

Is it possible to delete activity on Google Bard ?

Yes, you can easily delete your activity on google bard. To do this just open google bard on your browser and click on Bard Activity option that present in main menu on left side of the page.

There you can see the delete option, click on it and select the duration that you want to delete your activity. Confirm the deletion by tapping on delete.

There is also a option of auto deletion, where you can choose the auto deletion for 3, 18 and 36 months and click on confirm. Or simply you can turn off the Bard activity by tapping on bard activity option present in top of page and toggling off it. By doing this, bard doesn’t save your activity further.

In how many languages can I access Google Bard ?

At present, you can only access the google Bard in three languages as it is still in developing process. You can access it in only US English, Korean and Japanese.

Is Google Bard AI free of cost ?

Yes, Google bard AI is completely free of cost till now. You can use it through it’s official site on search engine or you can install it’s chrome extension to make the search more quicker and easier.

Is it possible to use Bard AI on mobiles ?

Yes, you can use Google Bard AI on mobiles by simply browsing it on google search engine through official site of Google Bard. To do this, you have to complete sign in process first and then able to access it.

There is any risk of privacy by using Google Bard ?

No, there is no risk of leaking your personal information by using Google Bard. It only access and collects the information about your conversations with the Bard to improve it and to make it more accurate.

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