How to Use Google Bard in Gmail for AI Writing


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You can use Google Bard, a writing assistance, to write and reply to emails. Simply select the “Help Me Write” button (pencil icon) when starting a new email in Gmail to use Google Bard.

By pressing this, a prompt entry field will appear where you may instruct Bard exactly what to write. For instance, if you typed “Write an email to my boss asking for a raise,” Bard would create a draft of the text for you.

In this article we will discuss more about Google Bard and learn how does it actually works and how you can link it to Gmail as well. We will also learn about the ways you can use Google Bard in Gmail to write new emails or even write replies to an email in Gmail.

Google Bard in Gmail

Google Bard Work in Gmail

We all know about Google Bard which is an AI tool that has become the word of mouth like ChatGPT to give prompts and get clear answers, instructions and a lot as per your prompt is described to Google Bard or ChatGPT or whatnot.

Google has already confirmed and released images and videos on how Google Bard can be used in Gmail. But let us learn from below how Google Bard works in Gmail.

Google Bard can also help you with the below things

  • Email draft generation: Based on your instructions, Bard can create email drafts for you.
  • Corrections and wording changes are just a few of the ways Bard can propose making your email draft better.
  • Email translation: Bard is capable of email translation into other languages.
  • Email plagiarism detection is a service that Bard offers.

How to Link Google Bard to Gmail

If you can see the Help Me Write which will be a pencil icon for Google Bard AI writing in Gmail compose or under Gmail email replies then your account is already linked with Google Bard to Gmail.

But in case if you cannot see Google Bard Help Me Write pencil icon in Gmail compose or under Gmail email replies then it means Google Bard is not linked to your account and might be rolled out once Google has made the Google Bard accessible to all Gmail users.

How to Use Google Bard in Gmail

Now that you know how Google Bard works and the link looks like, then it is time for you to learn how to use Google Bard in Gmail from the instructions below.

  1. Open Gmail app or website from your browser
  2. After that click on Compose to start a new email
  3. Then click the Help Me Write button (pencil icon) which is Google Bard icon for writing emails
  4. Now you have to type a prompt describing what you would need and want Bard to write, and then click on create button
  5. It will start writing and let Bard compose the email as your prompt described
  6. After Bard has finished writing, you may choose Recreate to have Bard start over from scratch or Refine to make changes to the current email.

Can I start over email writing using Google Bard in Gmail Compose

Yes, once Google Bard writes and finishes the email as per your prompt described, you can see the option Start Over From Scratch that once clicked will allow you to make Google Bard rewrite the whole email again with a new perspective or email as per your previous prompt described.

How to Use Google Bard to Reply in Gmail

Not just while writing but Google Bard can also help you create great and good emails as per your prompts described even when replying in Gmail. So, learn from below instructions on how to use Google Bard to reply in Gmail.

  1. First open Gmail app or web from browser and then select an email you want to reply to
  2. Open the email you want to reply to and then click on the reply button as normal
  3. After that under the toolbar you can see the Google Bard Help Me Write button with pencil icon
  4. Click on it and you will be asked to enter a prompt describing what you want Google Bard to write and then click on Create button
  5. Google Bard will now compose the reply and will be completed in sometime quick
  6. Once it is done, you can either click on Recreate to start from scratch with a different email or else Refine options that will simply adjust the current reply
  7. To email the response, click email.

Can I formalize Gmail with Google Bard

To revise your writing in a more formal manner, click Formalise. Elaborate for in-depth discussion, Shorten for a concise summary, or I’m Feeling Lucky for a random revision.

Is Google Bard free to use for Gmail

Yes, Google Bard is free to use for Gmail and if you can see the Help Me Write pencil icon which is Google Bard AI writing option then you can use it on Gmail.

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