How to Enable and Use Google AI Generative Search


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Just 2023 starts and there is a race started on AI among top tech companies. This revolution started after the launching of ChatGPT that developed by openai. In 2023 google announces and introduce lot of surprising AI related tools in Google I/O conference.

Main AI tools that introduced are Google Bard and Google AI generative search. Google AI generative search is very similar to the Microsoft’s AI search tool called Microsoft Bing.

Google AI Generative Search

Google AI generative search is a new tool of google that provides AI generated results directly from the search page.

If you enter a query or prompt in search bar and enter, you will directly get a snapshot with AI generated response. There you will get related information in both text format and also in image format.

User can also ask follow up questions of generated response. The most related follow up questions also given below the response or you can type any query in the textbox present below to know more about that given query.

Main use of this feature is that user get information very quickly and also easily. But it has some limitations as it is still in development, so the generated response may contains some mistakes.

Also Google AI generative Search is available only in US and that to for some of the users. User can only access this through English but not in any other language. Also user must be of 18 years or older to use this feature.

How to Turn On Google AI Generative Search

To use this feature on your search engine, you need to follow some steps that mentioned below. Also as discussed user must be from US and of above 18 years old to use it. To access google AI Generative search :

  • Sign up/Create account for Google AI generative search through google labs
  • Turn on AI generative search
  • Use this on your search engine

How to Sign up for Google Generative AI Search through Google labs

As it is still in developing users, not all users can access to AI generative search directly. You need to do it through Google labs. To sign up just follow the simple steps given below :

  1. Open Google chrome web browser on your PC and make sure you logged in with your account that you want to sign in for AI generative search
  2. Visit official site of google labs or go through this link labs.withgoogle.com
  3. Scroll down until you see the Google search section
  4. Click on Join Waitlist option
  5. Tap on Sign in to continue, if you are not signed in to your account before
  6. After successful sign in, just tap on Join Waitlist option to complete the process

It will take sometime to get access for Google AI generative search as the openings are very less. If you get the access, you can use this feature in both PC and mobile.

After getting access, follow the steps mentioned below to use this tool.

Note : It is suggested to use powerful VPN and set the location as US at the time of signing up process as it is only available for US users and also for limited members.

How to Turn On Google AI Search Feature on your device

As we discussed that it will take some time to get access for using this feature. If you are selected, you will get an Email to enable AI generative search on your device. To do this just open the mail you received and follow the steps

  1. Click on Go to Labs option in the mail
  2. There is a section opens named SGE, just toggle it on to enable Google AI generative search
  3. You can also try an example by tapping on try an example option (optional step)
  4. Read the terms and conditions carefully and click on I agree
  5. Finally you enabled the feature and from now google generates AI generated responses directly from search results

Note : You can also enable some more AI features while doing this process. User can turn on Code tips by toggling it on to get best results and suggestions on coding.

Also user can turn on Add to sheets feature by toggle it on to save your searches in google sheets without copy and pasting it separately.

How to Use Google AI generative Search Feature on your Device

Now you can use Google SGE (Search Generative Experience) and enjoys it’s features on your device. Make sure that the VPN is on and location is set to US if you are not accessing it from US. Let’s follow the steps to get SGE results

  1. Open your google chrome web browser or go through google.com
  2. Enter the query in the search box
  3. Google SGE access the data and provides the information in a snapshot
  4. There will be some most relevant follow-up questions, you may get results by just tapping on follow up questions or enter any query in text box( also called converse mode).


What is Google SGE?

Google SGE refers to Google Search Generative Experience is a new feature introduced by google to generate AI generated results directly if you search any query in search box of google home page. It generates results in both text format and image format in the form of snapshot.

You can also find most relevant follow-up questions to get detailed and extended information on the query that you asked. User can also ask question in converse mode and SGE provides answer related to this.

Is generative AI free of cost?

No, generative AI is not free of cost. It is just free with restrictions and if you want full access then you need to pay for it.

What are the main uses of generative AI?

Generative AI provides the information very quickly and easily. It generates the required content automatically and provides best results. The best examples is Google AI generative search. It generates information in both text format and image format.

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