How to Upload a Document to ChatGPT in Multiple Ways


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As we all know ChatGPT developed by openai brings a revolution by providing AI generative text for the queries asked by users.

You can ask the prompts in just text format but not through uploading PDF, word format, excel sheet, document and many more. If you want to upload a document to ChatGPT to access the data and want to get any related information by providing document to it, there are some ways to do it.

Through this article learn different simple ways to upload any type of document, PDF, word or excel sheets to ChatGPT for accessing the data.

As ChatGPT not allows to upload documents directly to it for accessing the data, so we need to follow some other methods to do this.

Some of the best methods are using extensions like ChatGPT file Uploader extended, third party websites like Chatpdf.com, open API key like BookGPT and Microsoft Bing AI sidebar, Ghostwriter particularly for word files, ChatGPT plugins, GrammarlyGO, google labs AI and many more.

Upload a Document to ChatGPT

How to Upload a Document to ChatGPT

Now we will discuss different ways to upload documents to ChatGPT for free in detailed way. Firstly, starts with by using Chrome extension called ChatGPT File Uploader Extended. By using this, you can upload any kind of document to ChatGPT. So just follow the steps :

How to Upload a Document to ChatGPT using Chrome Extension

  1. Open your web browser (google chrome) and visit Chrome web store
  2. Search for ChatGPT File Uploader Extended and enter it or go through this link chrome.google.com/webstore
  3. Click on Add to Chrome and then tap on Add extension
  4. Simply open ChatGPT in new tab and click on upload file option
  5. Select any document (any document format) that you want to upload
  6. ChatGPT analyze the document and provide the brief summary on it.
  7. You can ask any type of queries related to the summary

Note : Through this you can access any type of documents but not images. If any image present in that document, it will not be accessed by ChatGPT.

You can also use settings option present besides of upload option to optimize the chunk size and able to change settings for prompts, ZIP files and more.

Upload a PDF file to ChatGPT using chatpdf.com

You can also upload pdf files to chatgpt in a simple way by just using a third-party website called chatpdf.com. It is available for free with some limitations and also uses subscription plans.

If you want to use it free, Chatpdf gives you access for using a document of up to 120 pages per PDF file and up to 3 PDFs per day and the user can ask up to 50 questions per day.

If you take a Plus subscription, you can access up to 2000 pages per PDF. Now just follow the steps mentioned below to upload pdf file :

  1. Open your browser and go through this link chatpdf.com
  2. Tap on Drop PDF here option to upload a document
  3. Or also upload a pdf file through link by tapping on ‘From URL’ option
  4. It will process and analyze the pdf for some time and provide brief summary about pdf with three example questions
  5. You can ask any question in textbox related to pdf and it provides the answer for your question

How to Upload a Word document to ChatGPT using Ghostwriter

If you want to upload a file that exists in Microsoft Word format to ChatGPT, then Ghostwriter (famous add-in) is the best choice for you. To do this just follow the steps :

Install Ghostwriter

  1. Install Ghostwriter by visiting this page appsource.microsoft.com
  2. Click on Get it now option
  3. Sign in to your microsoft account by providing require details
  4. Confirm installation by again tapping on Get it now
  5. Tap on Open in word to install Ghostwriter
  6. You can see the Ghostwriter icon in home toolbar

How to use Ghostwriter

  1. Open your word document and click on Ghostwriter icon
  2. It will ask for product key, if you click on it first time
  3. Provide product key if you want to purchase it or just click on Try it a couple times for free to check free trail of Ghostwriter
  4. You can see the AI generated response related to word document in Ghostwriter panel present right side of the screen
  5. To see this first, just tap on menu present below of panel and choose ‘use prompt – into response box’ option
  6. There are multiple features to use like ‘ quick actions, Act as an essay writer, Act as a story teller, Act as a Resume writer or you can choose writing styles and choose a tone for better experience.
  7. If you want faster response, just copy the content of word file document and paste it in prompt box and click on enter

How to Upload Documents to ChatGPT using Google Labs AI

Google labs AI is only available in United States and that too for limited users. First you have to Sign up for Google Labs and have to join waitlist.

After some days, if you are lucky, you will get a confirmation link that you are eligible to use Google labs and just sign in to your account.

If you are using Microsoft word files, just upload it to google drive and then open that document in google docs.

Use Google labs AI to upload documents

  1. Open your document through google docs
  2. Click on Help me write option present in blue bar at top of page
  3. A prompt box will opens and you can enter any query related to that document
  4. Enter your prompt and tap on Create option to generate AI response
  5. If you want to edit or want to customize the content, simply use Recreate or Refine options
  6. Tap on insert to to add that content in google docs

How to upload a document to ChatGPT using GrammarlyGO

Grammarly providing free service and as well as premium plans to correct grammar mistakes and also a new extension that integrated with ChatGPT called GrammarlyGO.

You can upload any type of document files like word, excel or powerpoint in Grammarly, it will generate AI response with GrammerlyGO. To do this just follow the steps

Sign up to Grammarly

  1. Open your web browser and go through this link app.grammarly.com
  2. Sign up to Grammarly by providing required details
  3. Or simply sign up using your google account.

How to upload word document in Grammarly

  1. Open browser and go through this link app.grammarly.com
  2. Click on Upload under New section
  3. Select any Word document and upload it
  4. In grammarly editor page, tap on GrammarlyGO to open ChatGPT
  5. Use that tool by providing any prompt related to the content present in Word document

Note : If you are using free Grammarly account, then it is possible to have upto 100 AI generated responses with ChatGPT or else you want more, then purchase a subscription plan for unlimited interactions with ChatGPT and many more exclusive tools.

How to Upload document to ChatGPT using BookGPT

As we already discussed about one extension for uploading pdf files to chatgpt, now it’s time to discuss about another famous extension to upload any kind of document files to ChatGPT and that is BookGPT.

It can easily access the PDF files and also accurate with page numbers to provide best response. So just follow the steps given below to use BookGPT for uploading PDF files :

  1. Open your browser and go through this link platform.openai.com
  2. Click on Log in or Sign up option and enter your details if required
  3. Tap on Create new Secret Key option in API keys webpage
  4. A API key will be generated in the text box, carefully copy that secret key as it will be generated only once. If you lost it, you never get it back. You need to generate new again
  5. Open a new tab and go through this link huggingface.co
  6. Once the page opens, Paste the API key that copied in the textbox present under Open API Key
  7. Upload the PDF file in dropbox or paste the URL of the document in the respective fields present
  8. Simply click on Submit
  9. BookGPT process and analyze the PDF for sometime and provides AI generated response for the question you asked at the right side of the page.

How to Analyze documents with ChatGPT using Microsoft Bing AI Sidebar

Microsoft also added smartest AI tool called Bing to it’s web browser edge. It is one of the powerful AI chatbot in this present time. In Bing AI sidebar (also known as Discover), you don’t need to install chatgpt or you don’t need to upload any document separately.

It is one of the easiest process to generate AI response of documents using Microsoft Bing AI sidebar. To analyze the given document using Bing, just follow the steps mentioned below :

  1. Open any document through Microsoft edge browser
  2. Click on Bing Sidebar present at top right corner of the screen
  3. Ask any questions or queries related to the pdf and bing answerr to your prompts
  4. You can also use the option “Answer from this page” option to get detailed information of that particular page and it also includes web results in AI generated response.

How to Analyze PDF files with ChatGPT using ChatGPT Plugins

This feature available for users who have the ChatGPT Plus. If you have subscription plan of ChatGPT , then you can use GPT-4 model and ChatGPT Plugins to upload any kind of documents to ChatGPT and to analyze it. To do this. you just need to enable the plugins. So follow the simple steps mentioned below :

  1. Visit official site of ChatGPT or go through this link chat.openai.com and open Settings
  2. Select Beta Features from main menu present left of the screen and enable Plugins option by just toggling it on
  3. Go to GPT-4 model and tap on Plugins
  4. From menu, select Plugin store option
  5. Go to ‘All’ section and search for AskYourPDF plugin and install it by following on screen instructions
  6. After successful installation, just enable AskYourPDF from GPT-4 model
  7. Simply enter document link in prompt box for generating AI response
  8. If you want to upload a document that present on your PC, just enter a prompt “upload a document” in prompt box and you will get a link to upload document,
  9. Click on that link and upload the document
  10. It will provides a Document ID, just copy it
  11. Come back to ChatGPT main page and enter that document id in the prompt box to get the results.

How GPT4 is different from ChatGPT?

GPT4 is a paid subscription of ChatGPT for more exclusive features. It was released on March 13, 2023. Through this user can get ChatGPT plugins and able to upload any type of documents directly to ChatGPT.

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