How to Get Bhoomi RTC Online in Karnataka


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The Record of Land, Tenancy and crop information is a document that is shortly referred to as RTC in Karnataka state. The Bhoomi RTC officially designed website that brings up every service of the revenue department over the online portal.

The search and download of RTC can be easily processed through the direct links provided in the official website. In case of buying a new property or to show proof of your ownership over the property, it is easier to get the Bhoomi RTC document.

They charge some minimum processing fees to give the download link for citizens of Karnataka of their selected RTC document. The request of land survey and mutation register along with the mutation status can be checked from the bhoomi RTC portal.

Here is a quick process which can help you to get the Bhoomi Karnataka RTC online. Make sure you have your property details handy to search the RTC online.

How to Get RTC Online in Bhoomi Karnataka

  1. Go to the official website of the Karnataka Land records
  2. Now click on Bhoomi under project and let the new page load
  3. Here click on Services and then tap on iRTC form the drop-down options
  4. Fill your name, mobile number, email address and Aadhar number
  5. Click on proceed button and then select district , tulak form drop down
  6. Provide Your village name and then survey number to search
  7. Now select the surnoc, hissa number and click on fetch details
  8. Click on fetch details to display results with your inputs provided
  9. Verify the Bhoomi Karnataka RTC on screen and click on Pay button
  10. Make the payment of Rs 15 and get the download link enabled

That’s it, Once the payment of processing fee made, the download option enabled and will help you to get the Bhoomi Karnataka RTC dire without visiting the revenue office.

Is it mandatory to pay the processing Fee to get online RTC?

The Bhoomi RTC portal asks for the minimum processing fees while downloading the online RTC.  However, during the manual RTC document, the individual has to pay the processing fees and same collected here. To provide better service at their fingertips, these processing fees for documents collected.

Is Bhoomi Karnataka RTC authorized for loan documents?

If you’re going to apply for a home loan or construction loan, then you can get the Bhoomi Karnataka RTC online quickly. This may shown as an authorized document of your ownership in the bank for your property. As the online RTC does hold every information which loan authority requires, it will accept for document processing.

Can I change the name of Bhoomi Karnataka RTC online?

To have a name change, the property owner has to get their mutation of the property processed. The mutation may done through the online link provided in the official website of Bhoomi. Further name change will be processed if required, through visiting the  revenue office along with the correct property document.

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