eJanma Account for Karnataka Birth / Death Certificate


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The eJanma portal is built to provide citizens with services to check their certificates or others certificates such as Birth certificate, Death Certificate or Stillbirth certificate using their certificate’s registration number or Sakal number.

You might have wondered if you need an account to check the application status, verify your certificates or even download them.

In this article, networkslog will clarify doubts of citizens who think they need to create an eJanma account for themselves but they do not need to. And before that we will also look into how operators, registrars and other employees can receive their eJanma website login credentials.

eJanma Account for Karnataka
eJanma Account for Karnataka

eJanma Account Registration for Registrars and Operators

Whenever birth certificates, death certificates and still birth certificates details are processed only few such as registrars, operators and other employees can register these certificates on eJanman official website.

i.e, Registrars and Operators only need account access to process the certificate registration of citizens on the eJanma portal.

Note:- Any employee of the Government of Karnataka that needs to use the eJanma portal does not need to register their account on the website as there is no separate process. All employees will receive their login credentials on their official email itself that they can use to login.

eJanma Account Registration for Citizens

All citizens of Karnataka can rest assured because there is no need for account registration to use eJanma website. Citizens can use all the website services such as application status checking, application verification and certificate download directly.

Note: Hence, you do not need an account on eJanma to check any of them.

eJanma Login

If you are an employee of Government of Karnataka and part of eJanma, then you can follow the simple steps to understand the eJanma login process.

  1. Open the eJanma official website from here https://ejanma.karnataka.gov.in/
  2. click on Login button on the homepage present on the right
  3. Next enter your username, password and captcha details
  4. Finally click on the Login button and you will be logged into your eJanma account.

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