BBMP Property Tax for Paying Property Tax Online Bangalore


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Now paying property tax online Bangalore available with BBMP property tax portal at bbmptax.karnataka.gov.in, Just pay online without registration…

Property Tax is one of the most common and applicable taxes across all the states of India and if you are from Karnataka then you might have as well received your property tax receipt for this year.

As we all know that in order to maintain the law and the taxing system, BBMP property tax is one of the prominent taxes payment system that the property owners have to pay to their Bengaluru / Karnataka governments through the authoritative municipalities.

Through this article, networkslog will drive through the process of understanding the requirements and making the payment for your property tax in Karnataka.

BBMP Property Tax
BBMP Property Tax

BBMP Property Tax

In this era of Internet, you would surely be looking for a sure way of making your Karnataka property tax payment online and that is why we’ve dictated the steps you simply have to follow below.

  1. Open the BBMP portal from bbmptax.karnataka.gov.in
  2. Enter your application number and owner name upto first 3 characters
  3. Click on the retrieve button
  4. Check the details retrieved on the screen and if all looks good
  5. Click on proceed button
  6. Changes needed in the Form IV or V can be made if not click on proceed button on both of them
  7. Confirm the payment amount to be paid
  8. Make the payment from your source

Visit Sample property tax calculation sheet online

Prerequisites for BBMP Property Tax Payment

You will need to understand the requirements and also the timelines for the payment of taxes. If you make payment using BBMP you will receive 5% rebate, i.e, 5% discount on your overall property tax if payment is made before the deadline.

Property tax payment timeline for the previous year starts from April to March of this year to next year and so on. During the April to March, the property tax payment can be made in two installments from BBMP without any further interest rate and without rebate as well

Can we pay property tax payment online in Karnataka?

Yes, all the property owners who have received their property tax can make the payment online using the BBMP portal directly.

How to check property tax paid details in Karnataka?

If you have already made your Karnataka property tax payment through the BBMP portal then you can check your payment details using the status checking service. In order to use, click on Payment Status option and through this you can check the paid details.

What are BBMP zones for property tax payment?

All the parts i.e, zones of Karnataka are under the BBMP portal itself which means you can use this online portal to make your property tax payment.

How to get a BBMP property tax receipt?

In order to get a receipt of the BBMP property tax payment, go to the BBMP portal and under downloads select the option Receipt Print and enter the required details to print then save or print the receipt as required.

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