eWay Bill Parts for Goods and Vehicles


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It is mandatory to know about parts of eWay bill by a GST registered person to transport goods. Here get detailed information about parts of eWay bill Part A and Part B…

The ministry of finance has brought the eWay bill to track the movement of goods over the price of 50,000 and through the inter-state boundaries. Any GST registered person must have an e-Way bill generated from the official website or through the Android App to move their goods movements.

The e-Way bill does generate an EBN number. It will provide to Supplier, Recipient and transporter to ensure their goods traveling valid per regulations of the finance ministry. This e-Way bill does consist of an QR code which can scan at any point. It is to verify the details and fetch the details registered in the e-Way bill System.

NameEWay Bill Part
PurposeElectronically generated bill for transport of goods
Official websitehttps://docs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/
Help desk number18001034786
Email IdDepends on state
Link for Email Idhttps://docs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/html/Contactus.html

eWay Bill Parts

e-Way bill is a combination of two parts which described as Part A and Part B. The very first part does consist of details of the Goods present in the consignment. The next part of e-Way bill does have the transporter details.

eWay bill Part A

The electronic Bill for movement of Goods does start with the Part A which includes the Goods Invoice, Place of Delivery, Invoice Number, challan Number, Date of Movement, GSTIN recipient Number, Transport Document Number, Goods Value and HSN Code.

eWay bill Part B

The second part of the eWay bill consists of the Transporter details with having the Vehicle Number and Transporter ID. These details filled by the supplier or by the transporter based on whose vehicle used for transport. At every check post or above the limit of GST, the transporter must ensure that their details filled correctly along with other respective information of the vehicle.

  1. Can eWay bill submitted by the transporter Itself?

    Yes, if the supplier or the recipient doesn't have the GSTIN registration as well the e-Way bill Login details. Then the transporter can use their Trans ID to login with the e-Way bill System and access the option to generate an e-Way bill for their required consignment.

  2. Can I change Vehicle Number in eWay bill Anytime?

    If at the time of consignment movement or due to any miss information the vehicle number printed wrong. Then the e-Way bill generated may cancelled and the new e-Way bill should processed with their new details filled again.

  3. Does eWay bill use the 20 Kms range?

    If the distance between the supplier or recipient does come below the threshold set by the GST officer then there is no need to get an e-Way bill, as their Goods INvoice will be enough for movement. In other cases if the Goods do charge more than 50,000 then the transporter must get an e-Way bill generated.

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