How to Cancel eWay Bill and Requirements


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Facing some errors in EWay bill, then it is best to cancel that eWay bill and generate a new one again. So know requirements and process about how to cancel eway bill and needs for cancellation along with guide for cancellation process…

Generation of an e-Way Bill might sound simple but precisely it takes a considerable amount of time as it requires the GST registered users to fill a lot of information. But at times when the transport is cancelled or order is not moving or due to some other reason as well the eWay Bill might not be cancelled.

As you already know that this bill generated is for goods with value of more than Rupees 50,000 and is for both the Inter state and Intra state transportation of the goods as well.

As per the GST Organization and the eWay Bill generation platform it duly noted that there is not other way to either modify the bill generated. Or else atleast edit the bill to change the time. This is why it’s best to cancel the bill in most cases of error. Through this article we will show you how to cancel the eWay Bill which you have recently generated.

How to Cancel eWay Bill
How to Cancel eWay Bill

eWay Bill Cancellation Requirements and Needs

One of the important aspects that every supplier and GST registered user needs to understand is about the requirements. It need to fill when someone can cancel their e-Way Bill are.

  • Only the registered person or the one who generated the Bill can cancel it
  • If the goods transportation is missing on some goods or more then it can cancel
  • The goods allotted and the goods received has difference in small or large number then it can cancel
  • If the goods transportation cancelled before hand from the receive due to some reasons

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How to Cancel EWay Bill

Now that we understand the requirements needed to cancel the bill, follow through with the steps mentioned below that will help you to understand the process for e-Way Bill cancellation.

  1. Visit official website of eWay Bill

    Open the eWay Bill official website from here https://ewaybill.nic.in/

  2. Click on Login

    Tap on the login button and then login to your account

  3. Enter eWay Bill number and tap on Go

    Provide your eWay Bill number and then click on the go button

  4. Click on Cancel under eWay Bill menu

    Tap on the Cancel option under the eWay Bill menu directly

  5. Enter the reason for bill cancellation and click on confirm

    Finally provide the reasons for the bill cancellation and then click on confirm button to cancel the eWay Bill.

  1. Can I cancel eWay Bill without the bill number?

    No, in order to cancel the e-Way Bill you need to have the bill number or else you won’t be able to cancel the bill.

  2. What is the limit to cancel the eWay Bill?

    The Limit to cancel the eWay Bill for the supplier is the first 24 hours and for the receive is in between 24 hours to 72 hours.

  3. Can I cancel the eWay Bill after 24 or 72 hours?

    The eWay Bill can be cancelled only before 24 hours of generation of the bill. It means if the time crosses more than 72 hours after generation of the eWay Bill then you will not be able to cancel it. But the receiver is able to cancel the bill between 24 hours to 72 hours from the time of the bill generation. But in this case if the time crosses 72 hours then the receive can not also cancel the bill.

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