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Detailed information on HRMS Haryana and it’s benefits, know complete employee’s login process, payslip download process followed by some FAQs…

Haryana government is on path towards its revolution to digitize all their government related activities and among which all government employees are now upgraded to use a HRMS platform.

HMRS Haryana

HRMS Haryana is Human resource management system for government employees of Haryana allowing them to make use of their employee services through this simple online portal. You can as an employee make use of this HRMS login platform to create salary Slip and generate them, check GPF, Apply for Leaves and do more of things that you do offline.

If it’s your first time using the Haryana HRMS platform then you might consider not using this tool and that is why I have shared some of the benefits and reasons why all Haryana employees should make use of this HRMS platform.

  • Service Book, employee are able to view their Haryana government service book that allows them to understand their role more
  • Employees can find their salary treatment and download salary slips
  • Learn more about your provident fund and GPF statement
  • View your bio data, account and learn about new information
  • Apply for leaves online, check your leave balance, approval and more
HRMS Haryana Login
HRMS Haryana Login

HRMS Haryana Login

Since the release of Haryana HRMS platform, it has become easy for employees to take care of their tasks and profile online. But if you are someone new then it might be tricky which is why we have listed out the steps required for HRMS haryana employee login process that you can follow.

  1. Visit official site of HRMS Haryana

    Open the HRMS Haryana official website from here intrahry.gov.in

  2. Enter required details

    Then on the login page you will have to fill out the required details as mentioned below

  3. Select user type and provide user ID with password

    First select the user type and then enter your user id, along with password

  4. Fill Captcha code and click on login

    Next enter the code shown from the image and once done tap on the login button

How to Check or Download Salary Slip on HRMS Haryana

One of the essential features which an HRMS tool. It was initiated in the first place is to allow employees to access their salary slip from online. That is why once you have your account login process figured out. Run through the steps below to check how can someone get their payslips downloaded from the HRMS Haryana.

  1. First login to your HRMS Haryana platform intrahry.gov.in
  2. Then click on the Salary generation and you will be redirected to the salary generation tool
  3. After that you will have to select the year, month, select type of pending invoice or not
  4. Then select your designation and the number of pages needed to be on the pdf to be downloaded
  5. Simply click on the submit button and then the salary pdf will preview which you can download.

What is Karamchari Sahayak App or Download HRMS Haryana App for Android

Haryana is largely Haryanvi and Hindi speaking region but at the same time the growth in employees who use smartphones has increased to a large extent which is why they have released a separate app for android with the name Karamchari Sahayak.

Employees can do all the things they do online via the app as well but the only difference is the change in the user interface allowing employees with this app access faster and easier.

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