eWay Bill Registration and Login for Registered or Unregistered Business


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Know how to use eWay bill site and the sections available under one roof and eWay bill Laws, Statistics, finally eWay Bill registration and login…

eWay bill is an electronic way bill that is handed over to the transporter during the transportation of the consignment. The consignment does hold the Goods are specifically added in the eWay bill. It have summing value that is more than 50,000 Rs.

The goods will have to meet the GST regime and rules which are organized by the Indian Government. Hence the eWay bill System online bits has been brought up by the GST council to ensure everyone uses these services and get the eWay bill Generated.

The GSTIN persons and the transporter with their unique details are asked to get registered with the eWay bill. Make way to lodge everything that is being transported on road, air or by any means.

eWay Bill Registration

If you have got your GSTIN number or the details of the transporter, then you can use the links from her to get registered with the eWay bill. Citizens and as well transporters can enroll with the eWay bill by producing their respective asked details in the portal. The eWay bill registration process for registered business is as detailed below

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eWay Bill Registration for Registered Business

  1. First open the official website https://ewaybill.nic.in
  2. Click on eWay registration and enter GSITN (GSITN should be registered in GST portal before itself).
  3. After completion of the request it show you the application form for registration.
  4. Enter Applicant Name, Trade, Address and Mobile number and click on OTP.
  5. Now one time password is sent to the registered mobile number and verify it.
  6. Now give new user ID for registration and after getting approval enter password.
  7. If both User ID and Password gets approved in the registration process, it will create User ID and password in eWay bill portal. Hence the eWay bill registration is successfull.

eWay Bill Registration for UnRegistered Business

  1. First open the official website https://ewaybill.nic.in
  2. Click on Enrollment of Transporters option.
  3. Now you are requested to fill the application form which contains compulsory marks. The application consists of
    • Select state
    • Legal name
    • Trade name
    • PAN after filling PAN number click on Validate option next it will show remaining details.
    • Type of Enrollment
    • Constitution of Business
    • Particulars of Principal Place of Business
      • Address
      • Email ID
      • Name of the premises
  4. Enter Aadhar details
  5. Upload your Photo
  6. Login details
  7. Verification
  8. After completion of filling the registration form, it will generate 15 digit Transporter ID or TRANS ID.

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eWay bill Login

One can view the eWay bill login which can be accessed by the registered person or by the un-registered person using their uniquely provided username and password. GSTIN persons must use their username. The transport must use their Trans ID to access the eWay bill System Page. Here people can get their eWay bill generated by providing their respective goods invoice bill. Along with other details as required.

eWay bill Laws

The Laws in the eWay bill does help the pros to understand the Laws and other details such as notification, circular and forms be used to ensure everyone is educated about the laws of eWay bill designed by the GST council.

eWay bill Help

This option the wrist does ensure that anyone who is new to the eWay bill page. They will get the most useful information. Get used to the user manual, FAQs and other important links provided under the Help button.

eWay bill Search

This option brings you to search for taxpayers, transporters, products & services, Pin code , pin to pin distance and eWay bill to be viewed directly.

eWay bill contact us

Click on this tab to get details about the support and other senior officials. It can be directly contacted for your query or any grievance in regard to usage of the eWay bill.

eWay bill Statistic

The Statistics of the eWay bill will ensure you to have quick knowledge of the eWay bill and their respective growth. The GST office has brought these statistics to let Byron know about the work. Also Progress of the eWay bill and its usage.

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