ICICI Credit Card Payment on Net Banking, iMobile & Other Ways


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Various ways provided by ICICI bank to complete your credit card payment easily. Just check guide for credit card payment through net banking, imobile, branch, Auto debits and followed by some payment apps…

ICICI bank provides their ICICI Credit Card for eligible customers who have their good cibil score and as well a good track within the ICICI Bank. There are customer members who don’t have an ICICI Bank account but also possess the ICICI Credit Card, due to their well transaction and good financial score.

There are various ICICI Credit Card payment options which can be opted by the customer as per their convenience. These options can be used at your fingertips and are available for both ICICI Bank Account holders and non- Account holders.

ICICI Credit Card Payment
ICICI Credit Card Payment

ICICI Credit Card Payment with Net Banking

The account holders of ICICI Bank can utilize the option of payment services for their ICICI Credit Card through their Net banking credentials. Here we bring you steps which you can use and make payment for a registered credit card linked without a bank account.

  1. Visit official site of ICICI net banking

    Login to the ICICI Bank Net Banking official website or go through this link icicibank.com

  2. Click on Credit card

    Tap on Card under services and then select ‘Credit Card’

  3. Select ICICI Credit card and tap on payment

    Choose on ICICI Credit Card and then click on Payment

  4. Choose amount

    Select the amount and click on to proceed for processing

  5. Confirm the payment

    Select Debit account and confirm the Payment amount for card

  6. Provide OTP

    Enter the OTP sent your registered mobile number and Once confirmed, your ICICI Credit Card payment will be successful.

ICICI Credit Card Payment through iMobile

The ICICI provided mobile application iMobile makes it easier when you want to make payment for the ICICI Credit Card. Here you have to get the iMobile App installed on your device and link it with your registered mobile number.

  1. launch iMobile App provided by ICICI Bank for customers
  2. Login into the App and then swipe right to see the credit card
  3. Select the ICICI Credit Card and tap on ‘Pay Bill’ option
  4. Choose the amount to be paid and then click on Make payment
  5. Confirm with App PIN and then wait for payment processing
  6. ICICI Credit Card Payment from mobile will be processed and updated instantly

ICICI Credit Card Payment through Official website

This process of ICICI Credit Card payment has introduced for the ICICI Bank customers and non-bank account holders, as to use when their card not linked with the account.

  1. Visit the official best of ICICI Credit Card from your browser or go through this link icicibank.com
  2. Click on Pay Now button and wait for page to load
  3. Enter the ICICI Credit Card number and then click on make payment
  4. Confirm CVV number followed with other details as shown on screen
  5. Select the mode of payment form any of your net banking options
  6. Confirm the payment and the ICICI Credit Card payment will be done

ICICI Credit Card Payment through Branch

ICICI Credit Card payment can also done through ICICI bank branch which makes the process fully offline but also secured without any security risk.

  1. Locate and visit the nearest ICICI bank credit card in your area
  2. Move to help desk and take the Deposit Slip form counter
  3. Enter tour ICICI Credit Card number and payable amount
  4. Submit the same in cash counter to process your request
  5. The payment will be processed and an receipt will be handed
  6. Payment to ICICI Credit Card updated in 30 mins of time

The ICICI Credit Card payment is quite mandatory to be paid on time, so that your track doesn’t get broken and you have a good score for the future. ICICI bank updates customers about payment for their ICICI Credit Card, to ensure that customers don’t miss the date and are free from any charges that are to be applied on their total or minimum outstanding due as on the due date provided.

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