Mac Address on iPhone will find in 2 ways


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Mac Address of iPhone also refer to as a WiFi address which may found at two different places in settings. A media access control address is a unique identifier which assigned to a network interface controller for using the network address during communication with some network segments.

The iPhone Mac Address used to improve the privacy of your device, with each WiFi network. So, if you want to learn more about MAC address on your iPhone then you can refer to the below guide that walks you through the difference and ways to find it.

Mac Address on iPhone
Mac Address on iPhone

Is the iPhone MAC Address Different from LAN Address

The Mac address used differently for every WiFi network and the unique Mac address is the device private Wi-Fi address which used while connected. This addresses viewed by someone who connected to the same LAN address but not visible to others.

In simple terms, an iPhone MAC address is IP address that iPhone associates with when it get connects to WiFi network. But, it does not change depending on a new or different or the same old Wi-Fi network.

How to Find Mac Address on iPhone From WiFi

The address may viewed from Wi-Fi settings if connected to any Wi-Fi network. The details of the address clearly listed in the connected WiFi network.

  1. Open Settings

    Open the iPhone ‘Settings icon from the Menu list

  2. Tap WiFi & Info

    click on WiFi icon and then tap on info icon

  3. Tap Info of connected WiFi

    Click on info next to your current WiFi network connected

  4. Check MAC Address

    WiFi address field filled with your Mac Address

How to find Mac Address on iPhone from Settings

The Mac Address may found from the General section, their address is available even if connected to WiFi or not. Just go through the below steps.

  1. Open the Settings icon from your iPhone Menu
  2. Now select about and then scroll down to view options
  3. Find the Mac Address which filled in Wi-Fi Address field

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  1. What is the iPhone’s Actual Mac Address?

    The Mac Address under the General Setting section is your actual Mac Address of your iPhone. This may the genuine, if not connected to the Wi-Fi network, which also refer to as Actual iPhone Mac Address.

  2. Why is Mac address and IP both required?

    The IP address of a device handles the logical routable connection from computer to network whereas the Mac address handles the physical connection from computer to computer, thus both work alongside for better privacy.

  3. Can I turn on the iPhone Private Mac Address?

    The iPhone Mac address generally required for better privacy. This enables and ensure to have a smooth screen yet protects your device from tracked across different Wi-Fi networks.

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