How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC and How to Use


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PS4 controller is a well known PlayStation version and popularly known as DualShock 4 controller. There are lot of ways to use PS4 with any streaming devices like PC, Console, Visual Reality, Media streaming and many more.

If you doesn’t have any advanced Xbox controller or any console like handy or spiffy, then choosing the PC is best Choice.

From past few years PS4 controller is the best choice for the one who are regular to play PC games. So through this article, we learn how to connect PS4 controller to your PC and how to use it.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC

Before connecting to your PC, let’s have a look on what are the ways available to connect PlayStation 4 controller to your PC.

There are mainly two ways to connect PS4, that are via Bluetooth and via USB cable. So just follow the simple steps to connect your controller with PC.

Connect your PS4 controller with PC via USB cable

  1. Connect your PlayStation 4 controller by using the micro USB cable that you used for charging it
  2. Insert micro USB side with your controller and USB side with PC

Connect your PS4 controller with PC using Bluetooth

  1. Turn on your PC and log in to it
  2. Open settings and Search for Bluetooth and other devices settings and then click on it
  3. Turn on Bluetooth
  4. Press and hold the PS button and Share button at a time for sometime until backlight starts blinking
  5. Tap on Add Bluetooth or other device option from the Bluetooth settings page
  6. Select Bluetooth option
  7. Connect with your PS4 controller by selecting the Wireless connector device from the list of available device.

Note : If any passcode required for connecting your PS4 controller with PC, just enter 0000 to complete the connection between controller and PC.

How to Use PS4 Controller with PC

After completion of connecting process, you have to perform one more activity to use PS4 controller with PC. Connecting the controller is only basic step but if connector wants to communicate with your PC for playing any game, there must be a mediator is required.

Because PC only understand the language of Xbox games and that Dual Shock 4 not. So to fix this we need to install the software and divers on PC for better playing experience. Here we discuss some of the best and convenient tools and software to use PS4 with PC.

  • Steam
  • DS4 Windows
  • Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5

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How to install Steam in PC

  1. Open your browser and go through this link store.steampowered.com/about/
  2. Click on Install Steam option
  3. Open the installed file and setup the Steam by following on screen instructions
  4. Tap on Install and then on finish
  5. It will take some time to update Steam in your PC
  6. Create an account on steam after successful installation

How to use PS4 controller with PC via Steam

  1. Open Steam app and click on Big picture mode option present at top right corner
  2. Tap on Setting icon present on top right corner of the screen
  3. Select Controller settings under controller section
  4. Tick on the box for PlayStation Configuration support option
  5. Connect your PS4 controller with PC using USB cable
  6. Connect your controller with steam app y clicking on PS4 controller name in app

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How to Install DS4 Windows in PC

  1. Open your browser and go through this link ds4-windows.com
  2. Click on Download now Option and tap on DS4Windows.zip file
  3. Open downloaded file and select DS4Updater and click on Extract all
  4. Extract all the files to any location on your PC
  5. Go to that location and double click on DS4Windows and tap on run
  6. Save the programmed files at any location using two options that are Appdata or Program folder
  7. Click on Step 1 Install the DS4 driver and then on install option

How to Use PS4 Controller with PC via DS4 Windows

  1. After installing DS4Windows in your PC, just restart your PC once
  2. Connect your PS4 controller with PC using micro-USB cable that you used to charge the controller
  3. Open the game that you want to play and play it using your PlayStation 4 controller

How to Reconnect PS4 Controller to your PC

  1. Connect your Dual Shock 4 controller with PC using USB cable
  2. Use the micro USB cable that you used to charge your controller with micro USB side for PS4 controller and USB side for PC
  3. Press the PS button on PS4 controller
  4. Remove the USB cable and use your controller wirelessly
  1. Why my PS4 controller not connecting to PC ?

    PS4 controller not connects to PC due to some reasons. Some of them are bluetooth connectivity issues that your bluetooth is of old version or you are using external adapter for bluetooth. Then you just need to connect your controller using USB cable and also using Steam or DS4Windows on your PC makes controller to perform more better

  2. Is it required to install drivers to use PlayStation 4 on my PC ?

    Yes, it is required to install drivers to use PS4 controller on your PC. But to play non-steam games, it is not mandatory. It will be suggested to install Dual Shock 4 Windows installation driver to play games on PC using PS4 controller.

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