How to Reset Network Settings iPhone


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Information related to paired devices and individual internet connections is always stored in any phone’s memory.

These devices let you manually add or delete app information related to them. This is done with the help of the network setting feature of the phone.

We need to reset the network settings on iPhones for various reasons. The reasons vary with different users. Some of the common reasons for which a user resets the network are

  • Changing SIM cards or carriers – It is the same with Android or iPhone. Whenever you switch to a new mobile network carrier on your smartphone, resetting of the network is required.
  • Network Issues – If there are issues with the network, resetting the network for troubleshooting the problem is required. It sometimes helps solve the problem of cellular data, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth connections, etc. The problem of corrupted settings is also solved with this.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues – It sometimes happens that Wi-Fi networks frequently disconnect or run at slow speeds. This problem is resolved easily by resetting the iPhone network.
  • Clearing saved passwords –Sometimes, we save too many Wi-Fi passwords, and we get confused and it also creates a problem for connectivity, etc. In such cases, resetting the passwords is quite helpful.
  • VPN changes – VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Whenever your VPN got disturbed, you need to reset it. Resetting of the phone is required in this case.

Note – Remember, the resetting network on the iPhone does not delete anything on the phone. Neither Apps nor personal data.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone
Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Reset Network Settings iPhone

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ section on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll the page and go to the ‘General’ settings menu.
  3. Tap on the ‘Reset’ option under General settings.
  4. From the options given, choose the ‘Reset Network Settings’ option.
  5. The setting on your phone might demand you to enter a passcode, or Touch ID, or Face ID. Allow it.
  6. Your iPhone will restart after that and your network will be reset. Just remember that when you reset the network all your settings related to cellular network, carrier, Bluetooth connections, and other got reset, where Apps and data left in phone undisturbed.

After the reset, you will be required to reconfigure your Bluetooth, VPN, etc.

What are the Changes after iPhone Reset Network Settings

After resetting the network you will observe many changes. The major ones are

  1. Wi-Fi network – The previously saved Wi-Fi and their passwords will be removed. You have to reconnect them and enter their passwords again.
  2. Bluetooth – The previously paired devices will not be visible after resetting of the phone. You have to repair every Bluetooth device.
  3. VPN restores – You have to restore the VPN.
  4. Network preferences – All the network preferences need to be customized again as it restores to default after resetting.
  5. Cellular Settings –The cellular settings will be reset to the default state. So you have to switch the carriers (if needed).

How to Fix Network Issues on iPhone with Alternate Ways

Sometimes, it happens that you do not want to reset the network for some reason. In such a case, you can try some alternative ways to resolve your problem. Some of the popular ones are –

  1. Check Airplane mode – Airplane mode must be turned off. Go to the control center by swiping up the screen. Disable the airplane mode from there.
  2. Check Wi-Fi and Cellular Data – It happens that accidentally the WI-Fi or cellular data gets turned off. In this case, check the settings. Go to ‘Settings>>’ Wi-Fi’. Cellular data can also be turned on in this way. Go to ‘Settings’>>’Cellular’.
  3. Update iOS – Sometimes, outdated software causes trouble and we do not know. In this case, update the iOS. For this, go to ‘Settings’>>’Cellular’.
  4. Restart iPhone – This is the jack of all problems. A simple restart often solves the problem of temporary network glitches. For this, follow the general power-offmethod, which is to press and hold the power button for a long and then slide to power off.
  5. Forget Wi–Fi Network–Sometimes your iPhone does not recognize the Wi-Fi and you face a problem connecting it because of this. So, it is always better to select ‘Forget this network’. For accessing this option, go to Settings>>Wi-Fi, and then tap ‘i’.
  6. Contact your network provider – For ongoing network problems, reaching out to ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the best option.
  7. Contact Apple Support – If network resetting and the above alternate ways don’t work for your problem, the last and best option is to contact Apple support. Go to the authorized service center or do an online query.

How do I reset my iPhone WiFi network settings

Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset network settings.

How to hard reset iPhone settings

Go to Settings>>General>>Reset>>Reset All Settings>>. This will hard reset your phone.


What to do if my iPhone does not sync with phone after I reset its network?

Reboot your computer and again connect to sync iPhone with iPad or with other device.

Will I lose my data or App, if I reset the network?

Resetting the network doesn’t affect the Apps or data in any way.

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