PS4 Controller Flashing White and Blue, Red or Orange, Fix now with this


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Lot of people may confuse with the different colors of light blinking at the back like PS4 controller flashing white and other while they are using it, and each color indicates different issue and there are different methods to fix this light blinking issues.

There are mainly four types of lights flashing on the PlayStation 4 controller like Blue, White, Red and orange. So, through this article just find the intentions of that light blinking and the ways to fix flashing light to resolve the error.

PS4 Controller Flashing

PS4 Controller Flashing White

Now coming to blinking While light on LED light present on your PS4 controller, then there may be some common issue related to your controller. Some of the common reasons may be :

How to Fix PS4 Controller Flashing White

White light blinking mainly indicates the battery problems and Bluetooth connectivity issues. So follow the simple methods to fix the problem :

  1. As white light blinks, if battery level if getting low. Then just connect it to the controller and charge it
  2. Almost it takes upto two hours to charge PS4 from zero charge to full charge
  3. Also check the charging port, cable and battery if it is not charging
  4. Check Bluetooth and USB connections
  5. If it again blinking white light, then reset your controller and power cycle it.
  6. To power cycle your console just follow the steps :
    • Turn off the console by just press and holding the power button
    • Disconnect the power cables from console
    • Keep it for sometime and again power on the console by press and holding the power button
    • Connect the power cables to console

PS4 Controller Flashing Blue

If your PS4 controller is blinking blue, there is not a specific reason for it. There may be some of the common issues for this. Some of them are :

  • Your PS4 controller is not connected to console and it is trying to connect with it.
  • Due to Bluetooth connecting problems also, sometimes PS4 controller blinks blue.

How to Fix PS4 Blue light of Death

As we already discussed the main reasons for blinking blue light on PS4 controller, now we learn how to fix this issue with different methods. As it indicates that issue or fault is mainly focused on console and try to fix it using these methods by yourself or send it to make a repair.

  1. Start your PS4 controller by just pressing on PS button
  2. To connect it through console, just check the USB cables that you are using to connect and also check that USB ports are working or damaged
  3. Try it by restarting your PlayStation controller by just following this steps
    • Press and hold the PS button until the Console turns off.
    • Disconnect the Power cord from the console and wait for sometime
    • Again connect the Power cord to back of console
    • Turn on the console by press and holding on PS button for 7 seconds
  4. Check the Bluetooth Connectivity and try to disconnect all other devices that connected to PS4 controller except PlayStation
  5. Try to Initialize your PlayStation4 by following these simple steps. But it erase all your data. So it is better to back up your data before proceeding for Initializing your PS4.
    • Press and hold Power button until you hear two beep sounds simultaneously
    • Connect a USB drive to it
    • Again press and hold power button until one beep sound
    • Choose the Initialize PS4(Reinstall System Software) option
    • Follow the instruction shown on the screen

Why is my PS4 Controller Blinking Red

The main reason of blinking red light on PS4 controller is due to any hardware issues. If your Controller’s hardware components damaged or become defective, then red light starts to blinks. Some of the most common hardware defects that caused on PS4 controller :

  • Defective Cable
  • Damaged Charging port
  • Defective Battery

How to Fix PS4 Red light of Death

As we discussed main issue for red light blinking is Hardware related defects. So let’s try to fix this :

  1. Check all hardware components that connected to PS4
  2. If the components get defective then just replace it
  3. Mainly check USB cables, charging ports and battery
  4. It is suggested to make a repair to PlayStation if it blinks red

PS4 Controller Blinking Orange

There are mainly two modes available on your PS4 controller, that are Rest mode and Stand by mode. If your controller charging in Rest mode, then orange light starts blinking that indicates your controller gets charging on Rest mode.

In the case of if orange light stops blinking before full charge, then it’s a issue and we have to fix it.

How to Fix PS4 Orange light of Death

As we discussed main reason for orange light blinking is due to charging in Rest mode. To make it Stand by mode just follow the steps given below :

  1. Turn on the PlayStation and go to settings from homepage
  2. Click on Power save settings
  3. Select Set features available in Rest mode option
  4. Tap on Supply Power to USB ports option and check the mode again

If charging stops suddenly before full charge, just check the charging cables, ports and battery.

How to do Reset for PS4 controller

You have to find the small button that located on back side of controller on the left side. Then use a paper clip to push the button. There is a tiny hole present on back side and use a paper click and push that button present inside the hole for sometime.

Now plug in your console and then connect to your controller. After doing this, just press on PS button to complete the reset process.

Is there any centers available for PS4 repair

Yes, there will be authorized repair service centers of DualShock 4 or PlayStation 4 available to get repair of your repaired PS4 controllers to the best quality if there is any damage occurs to your PS4.

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