How to Backup and Delete .htaccess File in WordPress


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WordPress is a customizable website tool that brings numerous options to the users to post their content. The website created from WordPress will have numerous options and code that may edited anytime to make desired changes. WordPress .htaccess File is a server configuration file which firstly created and contains all details about the website.

These important files stored in the root directory which can bring any changes in your website and having them to store at a secure place can revert your entire old configuration. Thus when you’re editing or making any new changes these WordPress .htaccess File has to be secured at different locations to bring the old effects when required.

.htaccess File

WordPress .ht access File is a configuration file that consists of essential regulation and rules for handling processes on Website. These files can be used for numerous tasks starting from controlling access on pages, protecting admin password, security important, users redirecting and enhancing performance. One can find the WordPress .htaccess File in the root folder and that can be placed in any other directory to change the view of the website.

Backup and Delete .htaccess File in WordPress
Backup and Delete .htaccess File in WordPress

How to Find WordPress .htaccess File

In many cases the WordPress .ht access File might be visible and most of the time the server software might hide it for protection. Thus here are the steps which you can use and get to find the location of WordPress .ht access File.

  1. Go to the ‘Server’ option form your menu bar to view list of options
  2. Here click on ‘Force Showing Hidden Files’ and find the file below
  3. Backup WordPress .htaccess File:

If you have the WordPress .ht access File or you have created it with the code, the first primary task would be to backup these files.  The origin WordPress .ht access File very important to save as it can’t be brought or created back again. Below are the steps which can follow to get the backup of the .ht access file.

  1. Go to the path “/we-content/htaccess-editor-backups/
  2. Here find and copy the WordPress .htaccess File
  3. You can rename the file with some other name for clarity

How to Edit WordPress .htaccess File

Once the backup done successfully, the next task will be to edit the file and make changes in the code. If code editing goes well the new file accepted or you can use the old backup file instead of new one to apply changes.

  1. To edit the WordPress .htaccess File, you might need FileZilla or WinSCP
  2. Now login to your Web hosting account and then open the ‘Public_html”
  3. Here find the WordPress .htaccess File from the installation path
  4. Click on edit option and then move to text editor to open the code
  5. Do the changes in code as required and click on to save the same
  6. Once the code is change, the same will reflected in the view

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