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Enjoy premium features of Snapchat by just buying the paid subscription of it called Snapchat Plus. Just check about Snapchat+, Features that includes, Simple guide to avail subscription followed by How much costs for it…

As we all very familiar with the one of the famous mobile app called Snapchat. It is popular for its social media features including wide variety of filters used for making photos and videos.

You can share your snaps, make chatting with friends, watch and explore your friends stories and also able to share your location with Snapchat mobile app. It is quick and simple way to share your happiness with your friends and family. Here in this page, networkslog will let you know the complete details.

Snapchat Plus
Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus

Snapchat plus is a subscription plan of snapchat users for more exclusive features. Snapchat providing paid subscription for their users to avail more premium features for this messaging app. This subscription is only limited for some countries. But snapchat promises their users to spread their wings and provides best features to all in coming time.

As Snapchat+ is a paid subscription plan for some unique features like pinning a friend, story rewatch count, custom story expiration period and many more. But this subscription not involves the removal of Ads on snapchat. So let us know complete features of Snapchat+.

Features of Snapchat Plus

You can enjoy top premium features of snapchat+ for better experience. Here are some of the add on features for subscribed users. They are :

  1. Mention one friend as BFF
  2. Custom App Icon
  3. Ghost Trails
  4. Priority Story Replies
  5. Bitmoji backgrounds
  6. Snapchat+ badge
  7. Story rewatch
  8. Post view emoji
  9. Solar system
  10. Chat wallpapers
  11. Custom notification sounds
  12. Story timer
  13. Custom capture sounds
  14. Gift Snapchat+

Snapchat Plus Benefits

Pin as #1 best friend

You can pin one friend as a BFF in your list of friends. But please note that you can only pin one BFF at a time. To do this just tap on the press or hold on your friend icon in chat section and click on Pin as your #1 Best Friend.

Story Rewatch Indicator

Subscriber can easily that how many times their friends are watched story you posted. You just on the story rewatch count under snapchat+ membership card section

Snapchat Plus Badge

You can show your friends that you are a snapchat+ subscriber with a black star badge. It also be turned on by toggling on snapchat+ badge option under snapchat+ membership card section.

Custom app Icon

For better look of your app icon on your phone screen, you can easily select appearance. Select any app icon from list under App Icon option.

Ghost trails

You can watch your friend’s location that where they have been since 24 hours and also share your location. But this will happens when your friend enables location sharing in his snapchat.

Priority story replies

You can easily give replies for public stories. If they able to respond for your reply, a gold ring will shown on reply box.

Story Timer

Now you can set your story expiry time ranging from 1 hour to one week. There can be duration like 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days or one week. To do this, you just click on select a time under My story section.

Friend Solar System

You can find that how closest best friend you are for your friends profile. For example, if you tap on the badge of solar system, it will show which planet you are. If you are Earth and your friend is sun, then you are the third closest person for him.

Chat wallpapers

Now you can make chats more unique by customizing background of chat page with individuals or group chats too. It will be shown by both of you. For doing this, choose wallpaper under our chat section and confirm it.

Post View Emoji

Snapchat+ subscribers can easily select an emoji which will shown to your friends just beside to your name when he or she watches your snap that you have sent. To set this, select Post view Emoji under Snapchat+ membership card section.

Gift Snapchat+

You can gift snapchat paid subsrciption snapchat+ for your friends too. Just go to Snapchat+ membership card section under your profile. Click on gift snapchat+ and select a friend. Then click on choose gift length and proceed for Gift Snapchat+.

Snapchat Plus Subscription

You need to just follow few simple steps for availing paid subsricption of snapchat that is snapchat+ for premium features.

  1. Go to Snapchat app

    Open Snapchat mobile app in your phone

  2. Click on Snapchat emoji badge

    Tap on snapchat emoji badge present at the top left corner of your mobile screen

  3. Tap on Snapchat+

    Click on Snapchat+ tab and check all features and details of subscription

  4. Select Subscripton plan

    Choose a subscription plan based on your preference

  5. Start with a one week free trial

    You can start a one week free trial with any of the subscription plan selected

  6. Complete the payment

    Make the payment and enjoy the features of Snapchat+

You can cancel the subscription any time before the 7 day free trail or after it on google play. But you are not billed for subscription if you cancel it before seven days. Snapchat send you reminder before two days of trial ends.

Snapchat Plus Subscription

Actually, Snapchat is providing different subscription plans based on time and the location or country that you belongs to. If you want to check the current plans and its pricing, Just go to account section by clicking on snapchat emoji badge present on top left of screen. Then go to Snapchat+ section where you will get subscription plans and pricing.

In India, Snapchat+ plans are 49 rupees per month or 499 rupees per year where you save 15 percent of money. It is relatively cheap when compared to US subscription plans. In US, Plan starting with 3.99 US dollars per month.

  1. Is it possible to find my friend that he is using snapchat+ ?

    Yes, Snapchat plus provides a unique feature for their users called Snapchat+ badge. By toggling on this feature, there will be shown a black star badge next to your name which is visible to all your friends.

  2. How many countries have access to snapchat+ and what are they ?

    There are only few countries have access to use Snapchat+ across the world. Some of the countries are India, US, UK, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Oman, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Bahrain, Switzerland, Ireland, Kuwait, Sweden, Australia, France, Belgium, Austria, UAE, Qatar, Denmark, Egypt. But snapchat promises their users to spread its wings more for making people to use it across the world.

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