How to Use OYO Money & When Refundable for Cancellation


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OYO Money in your account can use for hotel room booking at anywhere, but you can also get refund of OYO money when not required, Just check its possibility…

OYO has been growing into one of the worlds largest chain of hotels and in their efforts to make it throughout the world they have released a lot of different services. Out of which OYO Money stands out as well, this is a virtual currency provided by OYO that can be used for booking hotels and staying in them instead of real money.

If you have been rewarded with OYO Money, then you might want to know how to use OYO Money to book hotels and a lot more on the app or website.

How to Use OYO Money

If you have already received OYO Money in your account for OYO accounts then you can simply follow the below steps in order to learn how to use it to book a hotel or room.

  1. Install and open OYO App on either Android or iPhone, then login with your account id
  2. Select the date, number of persons and then the hotel and the room you want to book.
  3. Once selected, click on check out option and then you can see OYO Money option to be used.
  4. Check the OYO Money option available to be used for this particular hotel room booking.
  5. Once done, click on Pay now and make your payment with real money for the remaining amount after paying with OYO Money.

What is the use of OYO Rupee?

OYO rupee is virtual currency which can be used on the OYO services such as booking their hotel rooms and more where you can pay a part of the amount with the OYO Money.

How do I use OYO wallet money?

OYO Wallet Money can be used to pay for your hotel room bookings on the OYO and it helps you pay a part of the amount.

Is OYO money refundable?

Any amount canceled in the 10 minutes of booking is refundable and it means OYO money is refundable as well but only in 10 minutes of cancellation after booking.

How can I get OYO money?

OYO app offers every new user registered with Rs 1000 OYO virtual currency that you can use to book hotel rooms on OYO.

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