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Detailed information on HRMS Punjab, Know how to do employee login, Reset password, How to generate HRMS Punjab Employee code at hrms.punjab.gov.in and also it’s benefits followed by some FAQs…

Online HRMs Login portal designed by every employee department and thus HRMS Punjab is being designed for the state government employees of Punjab.

Having the salary calculated of an employee is a huge task, as it must have to be calculated based on the number of days working along with deducting the leave days and even considering if any overtime work has been done. This is a continuous process which used to take much time as every calculation must have to be done manually but with the help of HRMS Punjab the entire calculation is processed online.

The manual intervention or error has been reduced, as auto set formulae does calculate the salary of an employee. The salary slip along with its required details will be uploaded before the salary disbarment date and at the same next day salary will be credited as pay slip.

HRMS Punjab

HRMS Punjab employee login is activated for every employee who is registered with the HRMS and is an employee of the state governor of Punjab. Follow these steps and get login to the HRMS Punjab as an employee.

  1. Visit official site of HRMS Punjab

    Go to the official website of HRMS Punjab at https://hrms.punjab.gov.in/ from your browser and Make sure you select the official link

  2. Click on Login

    Now tap on login tab at the top corner of the page

  3. Select iHRMS Punjab

    Choose iHRMS Punjab and then wait for new page to open

  4. Enter user credentials and captcha code

    Fill your user IF and password here along with Captcha Code

  5. Tap on login

    Click on login button and wait for system to verify your details

That’s it, you have now accessed the HRMS Punjab official website using your credentials and can now view your employee details as per your requirements. Make sure you check your name and other details are correct in the HRMS Punjab employee page.

How to Reset HRMS Punjab Employee Password

It is obvious that people forget their login password, even though it was used very recently. Thus to get your password rest for HRMS Punjab Employee login, an online process is detailed here.

  1. Visit the website of HRMS Punjab by using hrms.punjab.gov.in
  2. Now Click on Login button at the top right corner of the page
  3. Next click on Forgot Password then click on it to proceed
  4. Enter your details here as to verify your employment
  5. Just check the details once gain and then click on next button
  6. Click on verification button and enter OTP received on your mobile
  7. Once the details are varied, the password will be generated
  8. That’s it! These newly generated passwords will be sent to your registered mobile number, as your details are verified in the tool. These passwords can now be used to access the HRMS Punjab employee page from the employee login option.

How to Generate HRMS Punjab Employee Code

To access the HRMS Punjab employee page, it is necessary to have the employee details in handy. Thus if you have lost your employee code, then make use of the below process and get the HRMS Punjab employee code generated quickly.

  1. Visit the official website of HRMS Punjab from your system browser
  2. Click on HRMS Punjab link and wait for the home page to load
  3. Click on login button and then look for get employee code option below
  4. Enter your details here as per your employment in the screen
  5. Fill your registered mobile number along with Aadhar number and date of birth
  6. Enter the captcha code along with OTP received in your number
  7. Once details are filed, click on fetch employee code to get the code
  8. That’s it! system will check the details provided and then get your HRMS Punjab employee code to your registered number. These can be used to access the employee page when you fill details in the employee login portal.

Benefits of HRMS Punjab

These HRMS Punjab is designed to help employees and employers to specifically give them easy access to each details of their employment. Here are some features and benefits that one will get through HRMS Punjab.

  • HRMS Punjab portal does saves time of resource with its automated system
  • Easy to access and open through the online website
  • It gives a clear picture of employee details, which can be edited anytime
  • Get to generate pay slip and allow you to view them anytime as per your need
  • Easily report any grievance to department with their process
  • Get instant updates on salary increments and other new developments
  • Get option to view and access services of department directly
  1. Can HRMS Punjab Pay slip be used for applying for a Loan?

    Yes, the HRMS Punjab Pay Slip for an employee generated with their access can be used to apply for a loan. As these are system generated and won’t require any department signature, as the HRMS Punjab pay slips are an official proof of their employment and salary being created in their accounts.

  2. Does HRMS Punjab Employee Portal available for all?

    An employee who is working in Punjab State government through a regular basis will be given access to the HRMS Punjab Employee portal. No other person can be able to access or use these portals, as it is designed for employee specific only.

  3. Should employers need to register with HRMS Punjab ?

    Yes, for the very first-time employees are asked to register with their registered mobile number with the department. These details will help them create an account in HRMS Punjab and the same can be used to access their employee services.

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