How to Unblur Course Hero Content in Multiple Methods


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Many people across the world are using Course Hero app to get the study materials and research papers and many more from the top rated colleges or Universities.

Course Hero is one of the famous online education technology website that provide courses, online tutorials, study tools for their users.

But it is not a completely free website to access any type of document that we want to read because it blurs or locks the content of material.

Course Hero app have a subscription features and it is not budget friendly to buy. So to unblur Course Hero content follow our article.

How to Unblur Course Hero

To unblur the Study notes or material on Course hero, there are multiple methods to follow.

You can use official methods and also some bypass techniques to unblur the content. So we discuss each method in detailed way to get access for locked content. The Techniques are :

  • Subscription plans
  • Official methods (free)
  • Bypass Techniques (free)

Subscription Plans of Course Hero

Course Hero provides subscription plans for their users to get access for the locked content that available on their website. Now let’s have a look on subscription plans :

Subscription PlanPriceAdditional Features
Basic planFreeOnly able to browse the Course Hero Library
Monthly Plan$24.95/month30 unlocks/month and upto 10 free online tutors, complete access to Course Hero library with unlimited access for textbook solutions and also free trail to use it
Quarterly Plan$19.95/month
($59.85 charged quarterly)
Upto 20 free online tutors per quarter and remaining same as monthly plan
Annual Plan$9.95/month
($119.40 charged annually)
Upto 40 online tutors per year and remaining same as monthly plan

How to Unblur Course Hero Using Official methods

You can also use some official methods offered by Course Hero itself to access the locked content of it.

This method involves some of the techniques like uploading your own study material on course hero, Reviewing the notes that already uploaded on it or by crating any quizzes provides you some content to access for free. So let’s check how to follow this methods to unblur the blurred content.

Unblur Course Hero Content by Uploading Documents

To access the Course Free documents for free, you need to upload your own documents or study materials on Course Hero.

They will check your uploaded documents within 24 hours and provide you free access for viewing locked documents. But to get it freely, you need to upload minimum 10 documents of your own to get access for 5 documents. Now lets check how to upload documents on Course Hero

How to upload document on Course Hero

  1. Open your web browser and visit official site of course Hero or go through this link
  2. Login to your free account using Email address and Password, if you don’t have any account just register by clicking on Sign up
  3. Select the locked or blurred document that you want to access
  4. Click on Get Access
  5. Tap on View full Document option that present in pink box
  6. Click on continue to Access option
  7. Select “Upload your Study Document” option to get access
  8. Navigate the document and choose the file and submit

Note : It will take upto 24 hours to check and analyze your document by Course Hero team and after you can check that which document is accepted and rejected.

If it is accepted then it will be shown as Accepted or else as Decline: Duplicate. You will get free unlocks on your account if your document is Accepted successfully. Unlocks also have an expiry period that you must use it before 30 days of uploading documents.

How to upload document on Course hero using Mac

If you are using Mac for uploading documents on Course hero, then it’s the same process that we followed for Windows. Follow the same steps and upload your document for getting free access to blurred documents.

Unblur Course Hero content by Reviewing the documents

Reviewing the documents on Course hero is one of the official and easy methods to get free access for blurred content.

There are lot of unlocked answers or documents available on Course hero. You just need to read that documents carefully and review it by providing some suggestions because Course Hero strongly admires the feedback from the users.

So if you want to get free access for blurred content, just review any unlocked content on Course hero. If you have successfully reviewed 5 documents, then you get one free unlock to get content unblur.

How to Unblur Course hero content by creating Quizzes

It is one of the easiest and fastest way of creating quizzes on Course Hero to get free access for locked content on your free account.

You can use tool of creating Quizzes on Course hero by giving some questions and options and make the users to play it. If more number of users play your quiz, then you get more access to get unlocks to unblur the locked content.

But to use this tool, one must be unlock minimum three documents using Uploading your own documents or reviewing the answers on Course Hero.

Till now, we discussed the official methods to unblur the locked content on Course Hero. Now we also discuss some bypass techniques and unofficial methods that may sometimes not works but works as reference to access the locked content on Course hero.

How to Unblur Course Hero on a PC using Inspect Element in Chrome

As it is not the official way to unblur the locked content on Course Hero but also it is not that risky to do. You have to just use Inspect Element feature in Chrome to access the blurred content.

But recently some of the users stated that it is not working and some are as working. So just learn the method as a reference to use and try it once. If it will works then you are lucky. So just follow the each step carefully that mentioned below :

  1. Open you web browser (Google Chrome is preferable) and visit official site of Course Hero through this coursehero.com
  2. Select the locked document that you want to unblur
  3. Make a Right click on the document
  4. Select the inspect option from the dropdown menu
  5. On the top right of the corner of the page, Click on Source option present in navigation bar to go to source page
  6. Tap on doc-asset file option and then look for split-0-page-1 option
  7. Right click on split-0-page-1 and click on “Open in new tab” option
  8. In opened new tab, go to the page link and remove “-html-bg” part from the link
  9. Now use “split-0” part of the URL to unblur upper half of the document
  10. Use “split-1” instead of split-0 of the URL to unblur the lower of the documents page
  11. Use “page-0” part of URL to see the first page of the document
  12. Also use “page-1” instead of page-0 to go to next page of the document
  13. Like this changes the split and page parts of URL to unblur the pages of the document.

How to Unblur Course Hero on an iOS/ Android Device

Now it’s time to check for the method on mobile device to unblur the locked content of Course Hero in unofficial way.

It is not possible to Inspect element here as we used in PC. But we can do it by changing some general settings on our mobile and installing a app on our device. To do this just follow the steps mentioned below

Unblur course Hero content on iPhone

Change mobile settings

  1. Go to Settings of your mobile
  2. Click on the Battery option
  3. Disable the Low Power mode feature
  4. Go back and select “General” settings option
  5. Scroll down and Click on the Background App Refresh
  6. Again tap on Background App refresh option in new tab
  7. Select the ‘Wi-Fi & Mobile data’ option

Install the App

  1. Open your web browser and search for ojapp.vip and enter it
  2. Click on search bar in the tab opened and search for Course Hero ++
  3. Tap on Get option
  4. Click on Share icon present at bottom middle of the page
  5. Select Add to Home screen option
  6. Rename the app as per your choice and finally tap on Add option present at top right corner

How to use the App

  1. After successfully installed the app, go to home page and open the App
  2. Follow the on-screen instruction to install it completely
  3. You will observe the same interface that looks like original Course Hero site but subscription costs at $00.00
  4. So click on it and use all the features and unlock and locked content to access it.

Unblur Course Hero content on Android

Just follow the same steps that you followed for iPhone to change the settings and to install the app to get free access for Course Hero content.

But in some cases you unable to find the Battery option in android mobile settings, then look for Adaptive battery and make it disable. If that option also not available, then simply ignore the settings and install the app directly from browser.

Conclusion: We will discussed multiple methods to unblur the Course Hero content that contains in both official way and also in unofficial way. But always it is suggested to follow official methods to unblur Course Hero as unofficial methods are legally greyed out and sometimes not works. So just follow the methods we discussed and enjoy exploring.


How to get unlimited unlocks on Course Hero

It is not possible to get unlimited unlocks on Course Hero. If you buy a Subscription plan also, it is limited to some number based on the plan you purchased. If you get free unlocks by uploading documents on Course Hero, it will be expired in 30 days from date of uploading. So be careful with that and use that unlocks before expiry.

Is it possible to bypass Course hero by without purchasing Subscription plans

Yes, it is possible to bypass the subscription plan of Course Hero in online. You may find some extensions in online that provides free access to locked answers, unblurs the blurred content and many more features in free of cost.

By deleting my Course Hero account may leads to deletion of my uploads

If you upload any document of your own on Course Hero to get free unlocks and after some days decided to delete the account. But still after deleting the account, the documents you uploaded on Course Hero are available on their site as per their terms and conditions.

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