How to do Hanging Indent on Google Slides in 3 Simple Ways


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Let us have a brief idea about the hanging indent on google slides. As we know that google slides used to create or edit the presentation. The hanging indent also have a main role in the editing or highlighting the text in the presentations and documents.

Hanging Indent on Google Slides

Hanging Indent Google Slides

Hanging indent is a text formatting style and it helps the user to make the text organized. It makes the text beautiful for the viewer and the viewer easily grabs the important content which is highlighted by hanging indent.

The Hanging word arises because of the indent text first lines hangs on the other lines. So it is known as hanging indent. It is used in google docs, google slides and other editing software.

We have three ways to implement the hanging indent in google slides

  1. Show ruler keyboard
  2. Shortcuts
  3. Format options

How to do a Hanging Indent on Google Slides using Ruler

Show ruler uses for adjusting the margins in slides and documents. The page setup is another way to change margin in Google slides. Note of show ruler was, it changes margins of every slide at a time.

The drawback of the show ruler is, we can’t make different margins for a slide.

Now check the usage of show ruler in google slides for hanging indent. Procedure is also discussed in the following steps

  1. Open the google slide and select the option of new presentation
  2. Tap any of the slide template and add a text if u does not have any content in your slide
  3. Click on the view option
  4. Select the show ruler, it will help you to find the exact position of the margin and then you will change your margins as per your idea
  5. Tap and move hanging indent marker to the accurate position, the indent hanger is look like a reversed triangle shape and it is located under the ruler marker
  6. After adjusting the text, click on outside empty space of the ruler marker.
  7. Changes of the text can be saved successfully.

Google Slides Hanging Indent using Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts are used to make the work easier and it may help to decrease the time to complete the task. Simple steps are mentioned below for utilization of hanging indent

  1. Go to the google slide
  2. Select a text added slide or empty slide
  3. Write any content related to your topic If your slide is empty, otherwise no need of adding text in the google slide
  4. you can make changes in existing google slide also
  5. Initially highlight the context that you want be indent for viewer eye catching
  6. Tap on the Tab option for indenting the text
  7. Click Ctrl+shift+R, it indents the single line and the cursor should be at the starting position of the sentence because it only indent a single line

Hanging Indent in Google Slides using Format Options

Format options is the other way to maintain the hanging indent. Follow the simple steps that mentioned below to do hanging indent :

  1. Open a google slide and add a small text in that and the text should to be highlighted
  2. Click on the Format present in windows and select format option mentioned in the drop down
  3. Tap on the text fitting and go to special format options
  4. Select the hanging option and align the text at accurate place with the option of BY
  5. Changes have done then close the dialog box the task has done successfully

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we use Google slides hanging indent in mobile?

No, we can not use the hanging indent in mobile because the slides are not allowed in the mobile for editing purpose and the google slides are applicable only in desktop or laptops for making changes

Can we format the citation in google slides ?

Yeah we can format the citation in google slides and it take a simple steps to format the citation. Initially click on left side menu of your title and find the option of citation. Then the format have done perfectly.

Does we have a option to hide a slide in google slides?

Yes we have an option to hide a slide in the google slides. Select the slide you want to hide in google slides and just make a right click on the slide. Choose the option of skip slide then we found a symbol of blocked eye

Can we get back the hidden slide in the Hanging indent in google slides ?

Yes, we can get back the hidden slide. By right clicking the slide we found the uncheck slides or skip slides from there we can recover our hidden slide.

How can i change the size of the Google slides hanging Indent ?

Simple steps require to change the size of the slide. Go to File option and then click on the page setup option. There you will find a menu and select the size. Tap the apply option then the size of the slide changes

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