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Do check Vodafone Idea balance in different ways through customer care, USSD Code and Whatsapp, Check VI balance check code and different numbers / options…

Vodafone idea is the India’s Largest Telecom Service provider which is now a combination of Vodafone and idea telecom industry. Earlier these two telecom industries were most popular with their unique way of communication with customer and service provide.

The New Logo Vi does bring the combination of both idea and Vodafone customers. Thus VI with merging is seen to increase the customer and their value added services. There are flexible data and mobile incoming and outgoing prepaid recharge which is available for customers.

VI Balance Check

There are numerous ways through which a customer can get their prepaid balance check to know their validity and common balance left.

Vodafone idea is now India’s third largest telecom industry with over a million active users. The dedicated customer service and auto SMS option allows their customers to know their balance instantly.

VI Balance Check Code

Customers who are aware of USSD code can use their dial pad and dial the number to get the Vodafone idea Balance check. These will also list the validity of the plan along with the balance left over to use. Use *199*2*1# can be used to get the balance check on the dial screen.

Vodafone Idea App

customers can install the Vodafone idea Application from App Store or iTunes store to access their account. Customer has to use their mobile number to login in to the application and thus the updated data balance along with common balance will be displayed on screen.

SMS Check

The customer has to send an SMS to the Vodafone Idea Customer care number to get an instant replay with the leftover balance. These can be quicker and easier as well, as the details of balance will be sent in Message format in detail.

VI Balance on WhatsApp

The Vodafone idea WhatsApp number 9654297000 available in their official website, which can also help you to get the balance check. As well it will bring you exciting offers and their validity for your individual number from Vodafone idea.

Do Vodafone and idea Customers can use the same USSD code for Balance Check?

Yes, after the merger of the both Vodafone and idea telecom industry, the background details of customers have also been merged. Thus customers can use the same USSD code to know the balance check for Vodafone or Idea number which was earlier taken.

How to check Vodafone Idea Plan Validity?

The Validity of current prepaid plan can be retrieved by calling the *199# USSD code from the dial pad. These details of validity can also be seen from the balance check, as it will have details of balance and plan expiry last date for customer reference.

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