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We have more features in chrome application to save the important data and let’s have a brief idea about chrome reading list and check the simple steps to use it for your convenience.

As we are knowledgeable on chrome, it is one of the top browsing platforms where we extract the information for any queries.

Chrome Reading List

The Chrome reading list is the best feature of Chrome, it saves the web pages for later visiting and the web pages are organized such as unread web pages are present at the topmost of list.

Chrome Reading List

The web pages read are available at the bottom of the list, and it can be removed from the list if not long needed.  The web pages which are completed reading can be again turn into unread for further use, it is mainly user wish.

The chrome reading list acts as like bookmark in browsing platform and it can be available in every browsing platform, but this feature can’t be utilized in Android mobiles.

The features established in desktop such as windows, Linux, Macs. The chrome reading list feature can be utilized in iPhone and iPad.

Check the simple steps to access the features of Chrome reading list in different devices.

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How to Use Reading List Chrome on Desktop PC

  1. Go to chrome on your desktop PC
  2. Visit any web page on your chrome application
  3. Click on the star symbol icon, which is besides the web address, it will generate menu of add to bookmark or add reading list
  4. Tap the reading list option

The process has been done successfully and the page saved for further reading

Click on the reading list, then you will find the list of unread web pages and read websites choose any website as per your wish for reading purpose.

How to Use Chrome Reading list on iPhone or iPad

For assessing the features of chrome reading list in iPhone or iPad, we have two different methods.

Have a look about the simple process of the method on iPhone/iPad

Through Read Later option

  1. Open your chrome on your device
  2. Search any web page which you want to save for read in some other time
  3. Click on the share icon, presents besides of address bar
  4. Tap the Read later option from the menu

The process has completed successfully, and the web page is saved or stored in the reading list of chrome.

Through Apple News

  1. Open any link or web page in Apple News
  2. Click on share option
  3. Select the chrome option
  4. Tap on Read later option

It saved successfully, for accessing it go to chrome menu and check the reading list then, you will find the unread web pages.

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Remove Reading List from Chrome

We can remove the reading list in chrome by simple methods in different versions of Chrome

Disable Reading List Chrome 90 and new versions

It is very easy to remove the reading list in new versions just follow the simple steps mentioned below

  1. Open your chrome on your device
  2. Make a right click on reading list which is beside of address bar
  3. Uncheck the option of show reading list option.

By this easy process we can easily get rid of the chrome reading list.

How to remove reading list from chrome 80 and before versions

Here are the simple steps to detach chrome reading list in chrome

  1. Open your chrome on your device like windows, MAC and many more
  2. In address bar, type or mention chrome://flags
  3. Click on enter option
  4. Enter reading list in the search bar then it will redirect you to reading list
  5. In default menu which is present besides of reading list
  6. Click on disabled option
  7. Tap relaunch option to apply the changes of chrome

It refreshes the chrome and then you will not find the reading list beside the Address bar.

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