How to Delete All Promotion Mail in Gmail using Simple Methods


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Generally, we have promotion mails in Gmail, but it feels not much important all the time for the users and it grabs the storage of the mobile with unwanted promotion mails.

We mainly focused on deletion of promotions permanently from their mobile including deletion all promotions or specific mails or directly from the promotion tab at a time. So follow the article carefully till the end to learn different methods.

Delete All Promotion Mail in Gmail
Delete All Promotion Mail in Gmail

How to Unsubscribe for Promotions in Gmail

Let’s have a look how to vanish the marketing promotions and the simple steps are discussed below.

  1. Open promotion mail in Gmail
  2. Scroll down the content in the mail
  3. Click on unsubscribe

This process ends the receiving of emails from different promotion marketing of that company in future.

How to Delete all Promotions in Gmail on Desktop

  1. Open Gmail on your Web Browser
  2. Enter your email Id and password
  3. Click on login, it redirects to home page of your Gmail Account
  4. Enter the word Unsubscribe in provided search bar
  5. List of unsubscribe mails shown on your desktop
  6. Tap the box which selects all unsubscribe mails
  7. Click on delete

Note: If you feel any of those mails are important, then just deselect the box which parallel to promotion mail.

Can I view the promotion emails more than 50 mails on my desktop?

Yes, you can view the more than 50 mails on your desktop at a time. Go to settings and set the size of page or at the conversations enter the number of emails count which is you want to view on your desktop.

How to Get Rid of Promotions in Gmail before Landing Inbox

Here, we have different methods which removes the promotions before they situated in the inbox

  • Spamming the emails
  • Block the sender

Spam promotion mails before invoking into inbox

  1. Select the emails of promotion or tick the boxes of promotion mails
  2. Click on report spam icon on your Gmail
  3. Tap report spam.

This process sends the mails to folder of spam. Now, you can delete the mails from your spam folder.

Block the sender on Gmail to avoid receiving of promotion emails

It is a simple process to block sender on Gmail and it restricts the mails from sender.

  1. Go to promotion mail
  2. Click on menu option looks like three dots icon
  3. Select block of mails with writing particular sender name if needed
  4. Tap on block option shown on pop up

Note: In majority of cases, sender name will be shown beside of block option when you choose at menu, if not simply add the sender name manually.

How to Filter Specific Promotions in Gmail

  1. Open Gmail and click on promotion
  2. Choose  promotion related mails
  3. Click on three dots icon
  4. Select the Filter Messages Like This
  5. Create a filter tab or folder and go to filter folder
  6. Delete all the mails by clicking on delete option.

This process creates a specific filter folder for promotion mails.

How to Delete all Promotions in Gmail App

  1. Open Gmail app
  2. Select promotion tab from the menu
  3. Choose the promotion mails send by the sender
  4. Click on delete or Trash symbolled option.

By these we can delete all the selected promotions in Gmail app.

Note: If you decide to delete all the promotion mails choose all selected option/ mark a tick on the box which selects all promotion mails in promotion tab and click on delete.

Do You feel promotion mails are important?

Sometimes, the promotion mails are important because we can gather information about the marketing view of a product, we can decide whether it is good or not.

How to Delete emails Permanently on your Gmail

We have discussed deletion methods, we left over with one more method which can delete the mails permanently. Through this method you will clear the mails that you already deleted but stored in trash.

Check the simple steps mentioned below

  1. Open Gmail App
  2. Tap trash folder and check the unwanted mails
  3. Select all the mails
  4. Choose the delete forever

The mails are vanished permanently from your Gmail account.

Can we recover deleted mails in Gmail?

Yes, we can recover the deleted mails after deleting the mails, we can retrieve the mails within 30 days after deletion. Go to settings and select the labels option and click on show. It will help to see all our deleted mails from there we can retrieve required mail. 

Can any process be available to retrieve the mails after 30 days of deletion?

Yes, we have a simple process to get the deleted mails by using the Google mail restore feature. The Google backup stores the deleted mails from there, we can retrieve the mails.  

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