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Check the simple steps how to use and pairing of devices by using special symbol i icon in Apple smart watch. Let’s have a discussion about Apple Smart watch for i icon.

Now-a-days, everyone fond of using Smart Watches and most of us preferring the day-to-day Evolution of our fitness and taking different modes of workouts and calculating our calories burn by using Smart Watches.

i Icon on Apple Watch

i Icon on Apple Watch

The icon on Apple watch prefers to the information about the system such as pairing and additional information can extracts from the iIcon symbol option on smart watch without any utilization of iPhone or iPad

Apple smart watch should pair up with iPhone or iPad before we use it. The inbuilt feature of Apple Smart watch can be automatically connecting the iPhone or iPad.

But you want to pair the device manually from your smart watch. You need to follow the simple process mentioned in the article.

Where is the i icon on Apple Watch

Let’s us check where the icon found on apple smart watch.

The i icon is present at the below right corner of the Apple smart watch and then we use the icon for pairing purpose on Apple smart watch.

Here we can find the different solutions to unpair and re-pair your device by using “i icon” on your smart watch.

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How to unpair your Apple watch using i Icon

Have a look to unpair the Apple watch to your iPhone or iPad device with the help of i icon option.

  1. Tap the digital crown option on your Apple watch
  2. Go to settings option
  3. Click on General option
  4. Tap the reset to reset the device
  5. Choose Erase all contents and settings option
  6. Click on Erase all option again for confirmation to complete the process.
  7. Open your Watch App in your iPhone or iPad
  8. Click on my watch option
  9. Select the All-watches option, it will show all connected devices
  10. Click on the icon which is besides your connected device or select any one of the devices which you want to unpair with your Apple Smart watch
  11. Click on Unpair Apple watch
  12. It shows you as Unpair followed by device name (Unpair [name of device])
  13. Tap on it
  14. Enter your Passcode, when the device prompts you to initialize the unpairing process.

The process has been done successfully, by this you can unpair your Apple Smart watch.

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What is the digital crown on Apple Smart watch?

It is a side button of your smart watch, which used to functionalize scrolling, viewing, we can zoom the screen, open the different features of your Apple Smart watch.

How to Repair Apple Watch to your device using i Icon

We have seen, how to unpair the apple watch, now we jump into next step, check how to re-pair your device with Apple Smart Watch. Here are the simple steps mentioned below

  1. Click on ‘i icon’ option on your Apple smart watch
  2. Select your preferable language which prompted on your Apple Smart watch
  3. Click on Start pairing option on your Watch
  4. You will get a QR code, and you have ‘i’ icon symbol option on your screen, Click on it
  5. We will find a device Number for manual pairing on your Apple smart watch; you need pair through your iPhone
  6. Click on pairing option on your iPhone which is in Watch App
  7. Tap the option of Setup for Myself
  8. Choose the Pair Apple watch Manually option
  9. Select the device number which suits the Apple Smart watch Device number shown the screen of your watch
  10. Enter the code, which is on your Apple watch
  11. By this your pairing process has completed
  12. You need to select restore from backup or choose setup as new device option.

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