AirDrop Not working on MAC or Apple Devices, Fix Now


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AirDrop is a feature available on Apple devices that allows users to wirelessly transfer files, photos, videos, and other data between compatible devices.

In sometimes users may face issues with AirDrop not working as expected or stuck in middle of the operations.

There are some possible reasons and solutions for AirDrop related problems. In this Article we shown them, take a look below reasons about why is airdrop not working and how to fix?

Why is My AirDrop Not Working

There are several reasons to your AirDrop is not working issue. They are shown below.

  • AirDrop requires compatible devices to work properly. If The devices you are using for AirDrop doesn’t meet the compatibility requirements. Airdrop is not worked.
  • If your AirDrop is not enabled in any one of the sending or receiving devices. It can’t worked.
  • Due to visibility settings in your device. AirDrop has three visibility options, they are Everyone, Contacts Only, and Off. In case if you set is in off position your airdrop can’t work.
  • If Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is in off position, AirDrop want to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to be turned on.
  • Due to distance of devices, AirDrop works best when the devices are in close proximity to each other.
  • Due to outdated Software updates. Outdated software can sometimes cause compatibility issues with AirDrop.
  • Due to technical glitches and wrong configuration.
airdrop not working
Airdrop Not Working

How to Fix AirDrop Not Working on MAC / iPhone / iPad

If AirDrop not working on MAC or iPhone and even in iPad, you can try the following steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Check that your devices meet the compatibility requirements for AirDrop.
  2. Check your settings and Enable AirDrop option if it is in off position.
  3. Check that the visibility settings on your devices are properly configured or not. On iOS, when AirDrop is enabled, you can choose who can see your device by tapping on ‘Contacts Only’ or ‘Everyone’ in the AirDrop settings. On a Mac, you can adjust the visibility by clicking on ‘Allow me to be discovered by’ in the AirDrop window.
  4. AirDrop requires both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to be turned on. Check that they are enabled on all devices.
  5. Check that the devices you’re trying to use AirDrop between are within the small distance to each other.
  6. Check that all devices involved in these have the latest software updates installed. If needed download and install the latest software updates.
  7. Try to restart the devices you’re using for AirDrop, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.
  8. Reset network settings in your iOS device, if the above steps didn’t work. Note that, by this action it will remove your saved Wi-Fi passwords and other network settings, so you’ll need to re-enter them.
  9. If your Personal Hotspot is in turn on position, try to disable it temporarily, as it can interfere with AirDrop functionality.
  10. On a Mac, check your firewall settings to ensure that AirDrop is not blocked.
  11. Contact Apple Support for further assistance, If you didn’t get any solution from the following above steps.

How to Fix AirDrop Stuck on Waiting

If your AirDrop is stuck on Waiting, you can try the following steps to resolve the issue.

  1. If AirDrop is in stuck position, try to Turn off and Turn on again the Bluetooth and Wi-fi in your device, it can solve your issue. If your device having any trouble in wi-fi or Bluetooth connection.
  2. If your device have any restrictions about AirDrop, it doesn’t work properly and cause to stuck in middle of the operation to avoid this issue please remove AirDrop restrictions in your device.
  3. If you forgot to turn off your personal hotspot, it causes to AirDrop in stuck position. You need to turn it off immediately.
  4. Update your device with latest version of software, if any updates available.
  5. You can try to reset your network settings if the above steps didn’t work for your problem.
  6. Still it is in stuck position or not worked properly, Try to restart the devices you’re using for AirDrop, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. A simple restart can sometimes resolve temporary issues.

The steps may vary slightly depending on the iOS version and device model you’re using.

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