How to Use Apple Air Tags with Android


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What is Air Tags

Apple Inc. created tiny tracking devices known as AirTags in the form of coins. They are made to make it easier for users to find and maintain custody of their personal items, like bags, wallets, and keys.

Each AirTag has an accelerometer and a speaker incorporated into it. An AirTag has the ability to make a sound when it is away from its owner to aid in finding the object.

Can AirTag Work with Android

  • Apple devices, especially iPhones and iPads running the most recent versions of iOS and iPadOS, are the primary target audience for Apple Air Tags
  • Although AirTags are not officially compatible with Android devices, Android cell phones can still use them to some extent.
  • In order to discover the owner of the AirTag, the Android user can then manually enter this serial number into Apple’s Find My website.

Note: When using AirTags with Android-powered devices, Android users’ options might be restricted.

How to use Air tags with Android
How to use Air tags with Android

How to Use Air Tags with Android

Android smartphones can be used with Apple Air Tags to a limited extent. The following is how to utilise AirTags with Android

  • Detecting AirTags: Due of the Bluetooth signal that AirTags produce, Android smartphones can recognise them. This can assist you in determining whether an AirTag is present.
  • Manual Serial Number: You can manually enter the serial number displayed on the AirTag’s webpage into Apple’s Find My website.
  • Limited Functionality: It’s crucial to remember that Android devices do not have access to all of AirTags’ capabilities and functionality.

Note: Any recovered AirTags should be given to their original owners or reported to the appropriate authorities for further help.

How to Scan for Air Tags on Android

On the Google Play Store, you can find some unofficial Bluetooth scanning applications. Here is a general description of what happens

  1. Open Play Store, download the Bluetooth scanner, and install it.
  2. Bluetooth scanning will begin, and a list of nearby Bluetooth devices displayed.
  3. If their owners have not given them a unique name, AirTags often go by the names “AirTag” or “Unknown Item”.’
  4. You can tap on it to see more information or even find contact details.

Note: When identifying AirTags, using third-party Bluetooth scanning apps may have functional and accuracy restrictions.

How to Scan an Air Tag on Android

  • Apple Air Tags depend on the Find My network, which is unique to Apple’s ecosystem, and are primarily made to operate with Apple products.
  • At the time, there were no authorised procedures or specific Android a
  • pps for scanning or detecting AirTags.
  • Only iOS devices were compatible with the Find My app and the AirTags’ precision tracking capabilities.

Ait Tag Alternatives for Android Users

Similar feature to help you keep track of your belongings is available to Android users. Here are a few well-liked choices:

  • Tile: This is used by tile trackers to track and find your stuff on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Pixie: Its uses augmented reality (AR) technology to let you locate objects visually.
  • Chipolo: Its assist in finding missing items, they offer features including item tracking, separation warnings, and a community-based network.

Alternatives to Apple Air Tags for Android can be found by comparing software features and user reviews to see which one best meets your needs

Are AirTag alternatives compatible with Android devices

Yes, the majority of Apple Air Tags replacements are made to work with Android devices. To confirm compatibility with your particular Android device, it’s always a good idea to review the product’s specifications or get in touch with the manufacturer.

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