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In some times we will find iMessage not working when required to send, but at that time we will fix the issue as soon as possible by resolving some.

Check the fixes of the issue in the below-mentioned article and have a look at different issues and solutions for the fixes.

iMessage is used to transfer messages or data from one device to another, the data can be received from others. It is mainly for iPhone or iPad users and iOS devices.

iMessage not working
iMessage not working

iMessage Not Working

The error iMessage not working defined as the issue of messages, and the user can’t receive or send messages to other devices.

Sometimes it may raise an issue of not receiving or may not be able to have outgoing access for sending messages to another device. It will not work perfectly. We have different methods to rectify the problems and errors in iMessage app on iOS devices.

How to Fix iMessage not working Error

We have list of solutions to solve or fix iMessage not working Error by resolving each

  • Don’t use shared Apple ID’s
  • Check cellular network plan
  • Disable and re-enable iMessage
  • Set device date and time to Automatic
  • Force close iMessage using App switcher
  • Modify iMessage settings
  • Toggle iMessage On and Off from iCloud
  • Sign out from Apple ID Login
  • Alternative iMessage Address between mobile number and Apple ID
  • Clean Up iMessage
  • Force Restart iPhone or iPad

Don’t use shared Apple Id’s

For accessing iMessages app, you should not use shared Apple ids, the account should be maintained only one Apple Id account. Check the easy steps to find shared Apple ids and get rid of your device.

  1. Go to settings App and click on messages option
  2. Click on send receive option
  3. Find the Apple ids and select your Apple Id account.
  4. If you find multiple accounts, make sure it should be sign-out from your device
  5. For that, click on the Apple ID and click on Sign-out option

Through this method you can remove all shared addresses and now, try to send message to another device from your device with the help of iMessage.

Cellular network plan

The issue may create due to our cellular network also, for that you need to reset the settings of network. Check the simple steps to clear the issue.

  1. Go to settings app on your device
  2. Click on general option
  3. Scroll down and check the reset option
  4. Tap the reset network settings option

The Wi-Fi connection and passwords are reset, make sure you need to again connect to your network connection.

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Update iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone or iPad software is not updated, it may lead to not working of iMessages on your device. Check whether it is updated or not by a simple method.

  1. Open your settings on your device
  2. Tap the General option
  3. Find the software update option in the menu
  4. Click on it and follow the steps instructed on your device screen for updating.

Note: if your device is updated up to the date then it will notify you that your device is updated otherwise follow above mentioned method.

Sign out from Apple ID and Sign in Again

Here are the simple steps to get sign-out from your account and sign in the Apple ID which may solve the fix of iMessage not working.

For Sign-out

  1. Open your settings app
  2. Click on Messages option
  3. Tap send& receive messages from the menu of Messages
  4. Select your Apple ID
  5. Click on the sign-out option.

It will sign-out your Apple Id account from your device.

For sign-in

  1. Open your settings App on your device
  2. Click on sign-in to your device
  3. Enter your User ID and password
  4. Tap the sign-in option

Through this method you can access the iMessages app for sending or receiving messages to other devices.

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Disable and re-enable iMessage

Here are the simple steps to disable and re-enable iMessage for reactivation of stuck messages or any errors of iMessage app can be solved easily.

  1. Go to settings App
  2. Click on messages option from the menu
  3. Check the iMessage option and turn off the toggle of iMessage option
  4. Turn on the toggle of iMessage again.

By this method you can avoid iMessage working Error.

Set Device Date and Time to Automatic

Sometimes time and date play a key role in iMessages app on iPhone or iPad devices for maintaining the best services of messages through iMessage.

  1. Go to settings app on iPhone or iPad
  2. Click on General option
  3. Check the date and time setting option
  4. Tap on it and turn on toggle of set automatically option.

Force Close iMessage using App Switcher

As we know Apple doesn’t suggest or allow forcing closing of Apps, but you can close the apps which are running at background of your device for efficient working of device and if you have issue of not working of app.

  1. Swipe up the screen, to find the App switcher
  2. Choose the iMessage App in the App switcher
  3. Swipe up the app until you can close it
  4. Now, again open the iMessage app on your screen or device.

It may refresh the app from any minor bugs or errors which may lead to clearing the issue.

Modify iMessage Settings

The simple and easy steps to modify the iMessage settings to avoid working error

  1. Go to settings app
  2. Click on messages option
  3. Select the send receive option from the menu of messages option
  4. Check your Apple ID and mobile number, it should be mandatory to maintain accurate Apple ID and mobile number
  5. Save the modifications 
  6. Return to messages option and turn on the options of send as SMS, MMS messaging.

Toggle iMessage on and off from iCloud

ICloud sync plays a great role for accessing iMessage app from iCloud, so it can avoid the iMessage not working error

  1. Go to iOS settings app
  2. Click on your profile or avatar
  3. Find the iCloud option in the Apple ID screen and click on it
  4. Open the apps list which uses the iCloud for working
  5. Click on Show all option
  6. Select the messages section and tap on it
  7. Turn off the toggle of Sync this iPhone or iPad option
  8. This leads to force of close of iMessage app and settings app
  9. Go to settings app and enable the iMessage app on cloud

Now, try to send or receive messages to another device from your iMessage app through your device.

Alternative iMessage address between mobile number and Apple ID

Look at a simple process to change or alternate the iMessage address between mobile number and Apple ID.

  1. Go to settings App on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Click on messages option and select send receive option
  3. Tap the mobile number, you will find a remove pop-up on the screen, click on it
  4. Apple id consider as iMessage address and now, check the iMessage app while it is working or not
  5.  If it is working, add the mobile number
  6. You can also follow another method, again repeat the step but now, click on Apple ID and remove it
  7. Now, check the app is it working or not with the mobile number by sending or receiving messages.

Clean Up iMessage

IMessage app stores all the messages which are sent by you or received by you for a long time. It may accumulate all the messages to your storage, and it may slow down your mobile so delete all the messages. To clean up the iMessage app remove all the messages.

Force Restart iPhone or iPad

For force restart of iPhone or iPad, follow the below steps

  1. Press the volume up button for a sec and release quickly
  2. Hold the volume down button for a sec and release it
  3. Make a long press of the side button until you find the Apple logo on your device screen.
  4. Turn on the device, it may solve your fix of iMessage not working error.

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