What is Cache? Different Types of Caches and How to Clear


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Define Cache

The cache is a temporary storage location that stores various types of data downloaded from websites you visit. The cache helps to improve browsing performance by reducing the time it takes.

The browser first checks the cache in the device memory(RAM) for the requested data. If the data is not found in the memory cache, the browser looks in the disk cache, which is stored in the device storage drive.

The cache is constantly updated as you browse the internet. Cached data can become outdated or corrupted, leading to issues with website functionality. In that situation, you have to clear the cache in different areas.

Clearing the cache removes the stored files, images, and other data and improves browser performance.

It helps to give suggestions of frequently used data without the need to enter it or information again. Mostly it is helpful in computers and android mobiles, it helps to access the information quickly without any time taken process.

Let’s have a look at different types of Cache and its usage for accessing it for method.


What is Cached Data

As we know Cache memory stores used data and the cached data defines as the data such as images, files, any browser searches stored in the history on Android, and on computer which acts as cache memory.

What is Clear Cache

Clear cache helps us to clear all temporary data which is stored in cache memory, if the memory has more data it may lead to slow-down the speed of a process and takes lot of time to

So, clear cache is the one of the features which removes the temporary data in computers and mobiles.

Here are the simple steps to clear the data in Cache on computer and android mobiles

How to Clear Cache through Chrome

  1. Go to chrome, Click on three vertical dots symbol option
  2. Click on More tools
  3. Tap the Clear Browsing Data option
  4. Click on Basic or Advanced menu, it is based on your Requirement
  5. Select the data such as Cache Files and images and browser history and many more
  6. Tap clear cache option after selection has completed.

Alternate process to clear cache in Chrome

  1. Open your chrome, go to settings option
  2. Click on Privacy and security
  3. In the menu, we have clear Browsing Data option, click on it
  4. Follow the same instructions as we discussed in above method
  5. Select all data Cache files and history in Basic or Advanced option.

How to Clear Cache in Android

Let’s see the simple process to clear Cache information in Android Mobile

  1. Open settings app in your mobile
  2. Check the Apps option and click on Manage Apps
  3. Select any one App, which you want to clear the data in App
  4. Click on Clear data option
  5. By this process we can easily remove the information from the App.

What is Caching

It is a simple process of storing frequently used data in Cache memory. The process is known as Caching.

What is windows shortcut to clear the cache and cookies

We have discussed about Cache in the above article, let’s see about cookies of Cache memory

Cookies deals with the information which is provided by the user or saved information for accessing the website or app

Information such as locations and login activity are considered as cookies and sometimes when we visit any website in browser it prompts us to agree all the cookies which may collect our past research and provide related information.

Shortcut to clear the Cache and cookies on windows :

  1. Open your web browser (chrome is preferable)
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete
  3. Choose the files, you want to delete from your Cache memory
  4. Click on Clear data option.

What is LRU Cache

LRU stands for Least Recently Used, it is an algorithm which identifies the information which is used a smaller number of times and it removes the information from the cache memory.

This helps to maintain the efficiency of memory and reduce the load and increases the speed of execution or processing of any information.

What is MUI Cache

MUI is Material UI library which helps to compile the files of JavaScript programs and the complied files stored in the user’s used website

Again, the user need not to be load the program to compile, the user can retrieve from the MUI library

What are Cached Images and Files

Cached images and files considered as copies of Webpage because once we visit any website on our browser the data has downloaded and resources also saved in the history.

Once again, we don’t have to reload the resources which we used in the past, because cache memory stores the information. It is easy to get it back.

What is Hidden Cache

Hidden cache established in the computers and mobiles, it works in the background, it stores all the files and images and if we install any app in our mobile, the app related interfaces
and everything stores in Hidden Cache.

It is quickly accessible for the end user, but it may capture more space in the devices which may lead to slow down the process.

What is CPU Cache

CPU Cache defined as a small memory which is located nearer to main memory and stores the information without access of main memory which we want to retrieve the frequently used data.

It increases the efficiency of CPU because it reduces the work as compared to main memory because it gives stored information without any compilation.

What is browser Cache

Browser as we discussed in the before Cache types, the webpages information downloaded and the data saved in the cache. This helps to process or retrieve the data easily.

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What is Redis Cache

Redis Cache same as Cache which stores frequently used data and the Redis helps to solve the queries in the Databases. It mainly used in web applications and caching real time data.

This is a scalable Cache; at a time, we can handle more data and we can retrieve more stored information. It is more expensive complex to use and these are disadvantages of Redis Cache.

What is visible Cache

Visible Cache stores the data in browser memory. The visible Cache also works same as Browser cache. It stores data of visited website and download the information for further use

The data can be quickly accessible and if the data clears in Browser cache, then the data of visible Cache are also erases.

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What is Cached RAM

Cache RAM popularly known as Fast- Cache and Quick cache. The cached Ram is easy to access while running the code of computer language, it is not available in all computer devices

The CPU which has high performance can utilize Cache RAM. It increases the performance of Applications.

What is Font Cache

Font Cache defined as the storage of frequently used fonts and it is mainly useful on Web browser, operating systems and Applications which displays the fonts.

It is easy to load the fonts into the website because it already stored in the Font Cache.

What is Smart cache

Smart cache used to retrieve the stored data, it differs from the traditional caches, and it mainly works on algorithms which are helpful to identify the next accessible data or which data needs to store next.

It decreases the usage of main memory which may increase the efficiency of computer.

What is Facebook Cache

Facebook Cache has stored on computer devices and it mainly used to download the Facebook Webpages which make our work easier. We need not to be again load the data while working on it.

What is GPU Cache

GPU Stands for Graphics processing unit and it stores the data temporarily and the graphics loaded into Cache. It saves the frequently used graphics in the GPU Cache.

What is Shader Cache

In shader Cache, it stores the compiled Shaders and shaders defined as small programs which helps to create the format of the Graphic.

It is mainly useful for Graphic applications gives a framework to Graphics.

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