How to Delete Apps in Android / iOS Device


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The device space in Android, iOS can be mostly used by unwanted Apps. These unused Apps will occupy much space and will slow down your device. In every device, there are options to remove the installed apps from the device to make your device free from unwanted data usage.

Android or iOS device users can make use of this article which will help you to Delete Apps and clear unwanted space. In Android devices, you can use App clear application or below given manual process to Delete Apps.

The Smartphone devices do come with limited RAM memory thus they have to be maintained by deleting the Apps which are never used. And we are to help you in any case by showing you how simple it is to delete apps from your smartphone.

How to Delete Apps from Android

If you are using an Android device, then you can follow the below given steps to Delete Apps or precisely, the unwanted apps.

  1. Open your Android Device and go to the Menu
  2. Now tap on the Apps which you wanted to delete
  3. Long press on App icon and then click on App Info
  4. Here tap on Uninstall button and wait for process
  5. Once uninstall, then App will be deleted from Android

How to Delete Apps from iOS Device

iOS device users can follow the below steps to Delete Apps from their iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. Make sure you follow these options and get to remove the unwanted Apps.

  1. Open your iOS device iPhone, iPod or iPad device
  2. Now go to the Apps which you wanted to delete
  3. Go to the Settings option and then click on Apps menu
  4. Scroll down and select on App which you wanted to delete
  5. Here click on uninstall and wait until the App gets removed
  6. You can click on to remove with Data to completed Delete App

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