Change Outlook Password in 3+ Possible Ways


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Outlook password is very important to remember as it provides access to your Microsoft account and provides security from others. For purchasing any Microsoft product or to make any change to your system, you need to enter your Outlook password first.

If you forget it, you can change outlook password using different methods in both PC and mobile. Through this article, you may learn how to change outlook password using Outlook.com, the client desktop app, Windows and Mac app followed by a guide to reset it.

Change Outlook Password
Change Outlook Password

When Should You Change Outlook Password

Outlook acts as an email, it performs the same activities as email, and Outlook is attached to your Microsoft account which may have important stored data.

We need to change our Outlook passwords periodically to avoid the loss of information due to some issues.

  • If found account hacked by someone.
  • When you notice the changes in your data
  • Sometimes you will receive a link of Forgot password, it prompts you to reset the password which is not done by you.
  • When you have weak password
  • Saving Outlook passwords in other laptops/computer
  • When you forgot your Outlook password.

How to Change Outlook Password in Outlook.com

Here are the simple steps to change the password of your Outlook Account using outlook.com

  1. Go to your Outlook Account
  2. Click on Microsoft Account security option
  3. Enter your Outlook mail and password to login into your account
  4. Tap the change my password option which is available under the password security
  5. Enter your new password and it should be more than 8 characters.
  6. The password should be strong and cannot be identified easily by hackers.
  7. Re-enter the password again to confirm It
  8. Click on the save option.

Alternative Method to Change Password Outlook

  1. Go to Microsoft Account on your web browser
  2. login to your account
  3. Click on change password option
  4. Go to security and you should make identification of your account because it deals with a sensitive information
  5. Enter a new password and save it.
  6. Further you can set a time limit to reset your password at periodically.
  7. For accessing the feature click on Make me change my password every 72 days and tap save option.

Note: After changing the password of your Account, the apps which have logged with Microsoft account can be logged out, again you need to login in to those apps with a new created password.

What should I do if my Outlook Account is Blocked?

If your account is blocked, then you need to change your password immediately and again login into your account with new password. If not able to login, then contact Microsoft customer care for the help.

How can I identify, is my account hacked or not?

If our account is hacked by others, we may find changes in information or any important data, for clearing the issue you need to change your password as soon as possible. The password should be maintained strong.

How to Change Password in Outlook Client Desktop App

Desktop Apps help to reach all aspects of our emails such as we can schedule or we can manage our tasks using the desktop app. It helps to organize the work perfectly

We have found different methods for Windows and Mac Apps.

How to Change Password in Outlook for Windows App

You may just follow the below steps for easily identification to change the outlook password using windows application.

  1. Go to settings in your laptop
  2. Choose the account settings
  3. Go to manage profiles option
  4. Tap the Email accounts and choose your Account which you decided to change the password
  5. Click on Change option
  6. Enter your new password and tap the next option
  7. Save all the changes made in your account and close the tabs of Account settings

How to Change Outlook Password for MAC App

By this process, you have to change Outlook password from MAC app whenever required.

  1. Go to Outlook preferences in your Mac
  2. Click on Accounts in personal settings
  3. Choose your outlook account for changing the password
  4. Provide a new password and close the tab of Accounts.
  5. The outlook password gets updated automatically by itself, you need not to be click on save option in Mac
  6. Close your Accounts tab, then the password updated successfully.

Note: The desktop Apps may not change your Outlook passwords from old to new because it has an administrator.

We can’t update through desktop apps but we can change manually as I discussed in above methods for Windows and MAC.

Change Outlook Password in Outlook Mobile (iOS/Android mobile)

The below are the common steps to change Outlook password from Apple product or from Android device.

  1. Install the Outlook App in your Android mobile
  2. Click on your Profile Picture/ profiles
  3. Tap the settings option
  4. Check the menu of settings and select your Outlook Account
  5. At the bottom, you will find the Reset Account option just click on it
  6. Click on Continue
  7. Enter the new password and update it or click on the save option.

How to Reset Forgotten Outlook Password

In some situations, when forgotten, you need to reset the Outlook password. For that situation, the below steps will easily reset the forgotten password.

  1. Visit the official link https://login.live.com/
  2. Provide the Username
  3. Click on next
  4. Click on forgot password and it asks for identification through two steps
  5. Enter a verification code which sent by Authenticator
  6. Click Get Code to receive code on mobile through SMS or Email, it is based on user selection
  7. Enter the code and tap the next option
  8. Provide new password
  9. Click on next option to save new password.

How to Make Your Account Security from Unauthorized Access

Any outlook user may have to maintain additional security option to avoid unauthorized access, so please follow the steps given

  1. Go to Microsoft Account and select a security option
  2. Go to dashboard or menu of Security
  3. Here you can check last update of your Outlook password
  4. Click on advanced security options and you may again need to identify your account
  5. Change the password and confirm it by tapping the save option.

It also provides security to your account from hackers and the password will not be identified by others.

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