Read Instagram Messages Without Seen – 3 Possible Ways


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If you use Instagram then you might sometimes want to read a message but not let the other user know. And there are a lot of reasons why you would think so as well right?

You might not want to let them know you are aware of the plans, be unaware and try to act in the limelight. But whatever the reason it is totally possible for anyone to read Instagram messages without being seen.

In this guide I will be talking about a few different methods we can follow in order for you to be able to sneak around and read Instagram messages without being seen.

Instagram Messages
Instagram Messages

How to Read Instagram Messages Without Seen

Below are the three methods that you can readily use in order to ensure you get a sneak peek of messages that your friends have sent on Instagram, while ensuring that without being seen.

Method 1 – Turn off your internet connection

  • One of the simplest methods is to turn off your Internet connection and this will allow you to read all previous messages and still trick Instagram and your friends into thinking you’re offline so none of the messages you previously received will be seen as read.
  • You can enable airplane mode on your device to disable the internet connection. This way, you can open Instagram and read messages without triggering read receipts.
  • Once you’ve read the message, you can turn off airplane mode to restore your internet connection.
  • This will prevent Instagram from sending the read receipt to the sender.
  • Once you have read the message, you can turn your internet connection back on.

Method 2 – Use the notification preview

The notification bar will provide a preview of any new messages you receive. Without opening the mail, you can see the preview, and the sender won’t know that you did.

Method 3 – Restrict the sender

Messages from that sender will be delivered to your message requests rather than your inbox if you restrict the sender. The messages in your message requests can be viewed by you without alerting the sender.

Simply said, this indicates that you can block the user, read their message, and then unblock them again.

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Is it possible to read Instagram messages without the sender knowing?

Instagram does not yet have a built-in capability that enables users to view messages without causing the read receipts to be generated. However, as this article will detail, there are certain methods and workarounds that people have used to reduce read receipts.

Will the sender be notified if I use airplane mode or disable internet connection?

No, the sender will not get a read receipt if you view an Instagram message while on airplane mode or with your internet connection turned off. The read receipt might be issued, though, if you’re-connect to the internet.

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Are third-party apps or services reliable for reading Instagram messages secretly?

While there may be third-party apps or services that claim to offer the ability to read Instagram messages without being seen, it’s crucial to approach them with caution.

Is there a risk of getting my Instagram account banned by using third party apps?

Yes, if you enable use of any third party apps to read instagram messages then you might get your account banned.

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