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Nowadays, Instagram vibing a great version of sharing photos, posts and stories, we have a greater number of features for editing posts. It connects with friends worldwide and we tag the people while posting the posts in Instagram for direct access of stories, and photos.

As we know the process of posting a story on Instagram by using the feature of Instagram and we have two processes for accessing it.

Repost Instagram Story

How to Repost Instagram Story through Gallery

  1. We need to give access for Instagram to upload our photos and videos from the gallery
  2. Go to Gallery
  3. Select any picture or photo or video, which are you interested to post in your story and select it
  4. You will find the share option in your gallery; it lists out related sharing apps there select the stories of Instagram option
  5. Click on it, then it redirects to the Instagram story page and now you need to select an option of share to “your story” or “close friends”
  6. Close friend is an option which is helpful for the users to share for a particular person which are in your friend’s list
  7. It only shares with who are in the list of Close friends. When we select close friend option.

How to Repost Instagram Post to a Story

  1. Go to Instagram App and save the post to the gallery
  2. Click on the Create option which is present at the bottom of the page with a “+” including a box
  3. Select the story option, the post updated to their story.

How to Repost an Instagram Post to a Story with Tag

For reposting the post, we need to use some of third-party apps and let’s see a procedure of reposting a story in the Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app in your mobile
  2. Select any of the post or video
  3. Click on the option which is in the shape of paper airplane
  4. It redirects to sharing list of contacts who are in your friend list and other one more option is available “Add a post to my story”
  5. Click on the option, now again you need to select an option of mention which is available at the top of your story screen before uploading
  6. Enter the Instagram ID in the @mention search menu and select the person whom you want to share your story in their story also.
  7. It directly sends a mention message to their Instagram
  8. By clicking on it they can also able to post the story in their Instagram.

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How to Repost an Instagram Post to a Story without Tag

In Instagram app, we don’t have option to share a same story of your Instagram with others without tagging the persons.

  1. For that we need to install a third-party app such as “Repost It”.
  2. Record the video by using screen record feature which is available in your mobile and save it
  3. Post the saved video to your story, it is another way for reposting the post without tagging.

How to Repost a Story using Third Party App (Preview App)

As we discussed in the above article, Instagram don’t allow people to share others’ story to their story, so we can use a third-party app. Check the simple steps for accessing the other’s story

Preview App is officially accepted by Instagram for sharing someone’s Instagram story

  1. You need to select a post or a video from your Instagram
  2. Take a screenshot of the selected picture/photo, if it is a picture or photo
  3. Otherwise, if you selected video then, you need to make a screen record of the video using the Screen record option in Your mobile
  4. Share or upload the saved post/story in Preview App and then add to the story in preview whenever you decided to post the story.

Note: In preview App, you can also check the pre-posted stories whenever you want share again to your Instagram story.

How to Share an Instagram Story on Your Own Account

  1. Open the Instagram app and Select the Post of Someone’s which you want to share with your Instagram story
  2. The chosen post must be from a public Account because the post of a private account can’t be accessible.
  3. The Account ought to be enabled by the access of story sharing option and you need to be tagged in the story. Then, it sends you a message through direct message of your Instagram.
  4. By clicking on it, it can be updated to your Instagram story.

Note: For reposting the story of Public Account Instagram into your Instagram story, you need not follow the account in Instagram.

How to Repost a Video or Photo Post on Instagram

If you want to repost a video, then we must follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  1. As we discussed above, the picture or Photo can be uploaded by taking a screenshot of the post
  2. If you want to edit your screenshotted post, then you can access the edit feature of Instagram which is available in the menu of sharing story or in the story page.
  3. Upload the post through the Preview app
  4. If you need to post whole the video of someone’s story, then take a screen recorder
  5. Make a record of the video and save it to your gallery or Instagram and Upload it by using Preview App

Note:  It is applicable for Android mobile/iPhone for reposting the story of someone’s.

How to Repost Instagram Story Video Using Regrammer App

And we have another method for reposting a video or post on Instagram by using Regammer App and let’s see the simple steps are discussed below

  1. Open the Regammer App and you need to provide some permissions to access the photos and videos which are in your mobile storage
  2. Click on the ok option which we will be receive a message after the installation of App.
  3. If you want to receive notifications of Regammer, then click on Allow option otherwise tap the Don’t Allow option
  4. Tap the skip option while instructions shown on the screen
  5. Open your Instagram app and select the post which you want to repost into your story
  6. Click on three dots symbol which is present at the top of your selected post, then we found the three options of Copy link, Report, Turn on post notifications
  7. Just click on the copy link option, then you will easily copy the link
  8. Go to the Regammer App and paste the link address to the clipboard/search bar
  9. The post will be appeared on the screen and click on the preview option for viewing the post
  10. Mention the account name and then tap on the share option
  11. Click on Repost on Instagram option and it asks for you to redirect the post in your Instagram
  12. Tap on the open option and select the feed option and click on share to your story.

It is a simple process to repost the post to your story and you can choose any of these two apps for reposting.

How to Repost a story on Instagram on your feed

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to feed option
  2. Select the post and tap on the share option
  3. Add to the Story, by this you can repost the post.

Add background/Change background to a repost on Instagram

  1. Go to Instagram Account and add a post to your story but before uploading the post we find an edit section in the Instagram
  2. Tap on the Drawing tool which is present at the top of your post
  3. Select a color for replacing the background color
  4. Click on the background of your post then you will able to change the change the color of your background
  5. You can any text or description related to your post.

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How to Stop allowing others to reshare your posts on Instagram

  1. Go to Instagram App and Go to profile settings
  2. We will find the option of three horizontal lines symbol presents at the top right conner of the screen and click on it
  3. Select the settings and privacy option
  4. Under that you find an option of How Others interact with you and click on the “Guides and sharing option”
  5. Click on Allow post sharing to stories option
  6. If it is in on mode, then turn off it so that no one can share your story to their Instagram stories.

By this process we can stop sharing our posts from others.

FAQs on How to Repost Instagram Story

Can I repost the same story again and again

Yes, we can repost the same story again, if we consider it as new story or if saved the post in the grid or saved posts, it is easy to repost again.

Is Instagram have repost the post option for the story

No, officially the Instagram does not provide an option of repost of someone’s post to their story but we can utilize the third party’s apps for accessing other public accounted posts.

How to repost the deleted stories on Instagram

For reposting deleted stories, we need to follow a simple process. Go to profile and click on the menu option, check your activity and go with the option deleted stories. There, you will find the deleted stories.

Is deleted stories stores permanently in our Instagram app

No, it cannot be permanently stored in an Instagram app, it only stores the deleted posts for 30 days. After completion of 30 days, we can’t recover the post again.

Can I save my Instagram stories by default

Yes, you can save the Instagram stories by using default method, Go to profile and select settings option and then click on the privacy button then you will find story option and make the option to be turn on “save the story to achieve” option, so that every story can be saved in the Instagram.

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