How to Make Twitter Account Private


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You can choose to keep your Tweets private or public as per your requirement, then why can’t you wait just learn about how to make twitter account private or to public view.

We use sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to socialize. But all of these sites demand different ways of socializing.

These social networking sites need to be used with utmost care. The type of content that you choose to share, must be shared with a definite audience. Let us understand the difference between public and protected tweets are

  • Public tweets – They are visible to anyone, even to those who are not having a Twitter account.
  • Protected tweets – They are visible only to your Twitter followers only. But, screenshots of the images and things you share not protected. Your followers can capture your tweets and share them.
Make Twitter Account Private

How to Make Your Twitter Private

You can easily protect your Tweets on iOS as well as on Android by following these simple steps

  1. Open Twitter application
  2. Tap on the ‘more’ icon (three horizontal dots)
  3. Click on ‘Settings and Privacy’.
  4. Tap on the ‘Privacy and Safety’ option.
  5. Check the box labeled ‘Protect your Tweets’.

How to Make Your Twitter Account Private Online

Most of us wonder about how to do the same thing on the PC as we are doing on our smartphones.

This is because we have got accustomed to the use of smartphones. Well, most of companies understand this and have tried to incorporate the same ways to resolve any problem on PC as they offer for their App or smartphones.

Let us discuss how to make a Twitter Account Private from a Desktop

  1. Open the Twitter site on any browser of your choice on your PC.
  2. Sign In to your Twitter account.
  3. Click the profile picture.
  4. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’.
  5. Tap on ‘Privacy and safety’.
  6. Search the ‘Tweets’.
  7. Tick the check box in front of ‘Protect your Tweets’.
  8. Click on ‘Protect’.

This process will make your tweets private. Only those who approved followers will be able to see your tweets.

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What happens when protect your tweet?

There are many visible changes seen when you protect your tweets, like

  • You can approve or deny the request of new people who want to join your network.
  • Your followers will not be able to use Retweet icon.
  • Protected tweets searched only by you and your followers.
  • Replies sent by you on any other account seen only by followers.

What happens when one switches from private to public Tweet?

This will make all your protected Tweets public Any previous tweet will also be visible.

What to do if the Tweets are still visible after making it private?

Remove your updates from Google because Twitter has the ability to remove the content of Twitter only through their site.

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