RBC Cancel Bill Payment in Online or Contact with Merchant


Like all other banks, RBC provides capability of making payments online, but sometimes, we need RBC cancel bill payment due to some reason. So, if you have made a bill payment through RBC bank, you can cancel a bill payment easily differently as shown.

RBC Cancel Bill Payment

Cancel RBC Bill Payment

There are many ways to do that. One of the easiest and most used methods is as follows

  1. Go to the official online banking portal of RBC and login
  2. Search the ‘Accounts Summary’ page.
  3. Select ‘Pay Bills & Transfer Funds’.
  4. Click ‘Cancel Bill Payment’.
  5. Follow on-screen instructions.

Note – Bill payments cancellation are allowed only for a short period. You can cancel the payment if it is paid with CAD (Canadian Currency) or Avion points. The bill can be canceled not for online banking transactions, but for the payments made through the below-mentioned modes also –

  • Telephone Banking
  • RBC Mobile App
  • ATM
  • The Advice Centre

How to Stop or Cancel RBC Pre-Authorized Payment

Nowadays, everyone plans the payments before even the bill generates. Most opt for pre-authorized payment options to pay the bills automatically. These payments can be canceled, by using any one of the following two methods

Online Method

  1. Go to the official online banking portal of the RBC. Alternatively, click here.
  2. Select the bank authorized to make the auto–repayment.
  3. Review the transaction.
  4. If the payment has not been done yet, follow these steps to stop the pre-authorized pay-
    • For Business Clients – Click on the ‘Stop a Cheque or Pre-Authorized Payment’ option on the left-hand side.
    • For Personal Clients –
      • Click the ‘Transfer and Payments’ section.
      • Select the ‘Stop a Cheque or Pre-Authorized Payment’ option

Contact the Merchant

  • If you want to cancel the entire series of payments, you need to contact the merchant. If you want to cancel one payment, you can talk or request online to the merchant.

Can I cancel RBC payment via call?

Yes, there are toll-free numbers also, which may used to cancel the bill payment.

If the payment made in US currency, then how to cancel the payment?

If the payment made in US currency, then the payment may canceled by asking for help by dialing the number 1-800-769-2555. You can even visit an RBC bank branch to get assistance.

Reference: rbcroyalbank.com/ways-to-bank/tutorials/pay-bills/cancel-bill-payment.html

Is pre-authorized payment cancellation chargeable?

Yes, it may charged at about $12.50. Moreover, not guaranteed that the payment stopped or not.

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